Magazine of Civil Engineering, 85(1), 2019


A.Kh. Baiburin, M.M. Rybakov, N.I. Vatin
Heat loss through the window frames of buildings

The object of investigation is window frames of buildings since they are critical zones in terms of thermal insulation. It was studied how the properties of window frame affect the change in heat flow and temperature fields. It was analyzed the heat loss that depends on a range of structural features of a window frame, such as geometrical, thermal and physical properties of walls, windows, lintels, and joints.
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T.K.C. Thai
Numerical simulation of the turbulent flow over submerged bridge decks

Today climate change is one of the most significant threats and global issues that should be concerned. It causes the increased number of natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, typhoons and floods. Under these critical hydrological conditions, transportation infrastructure includes bridges easily got submerged, damaged and lead to its failures.
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R.S. Fediuk, V.S. Lesovik, Yu.L. Liseitsev, R.A. Timokhin, A.V. Bituyev, M.Ye. Zaiakhanov, A.V. Mochalov
Composite binders for concretes with improved shock resistance

The qualitative and quantitative composition and properties of the initial materials, composite binders and concrete samples were studied. Optimal compositions of concrete for protective structures that provide the maximum static and dynamic strength characteristics are selected. In this case, the effect of increasing the shock endurance increases to 6 times.
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Q. Zhang, G. Pei
The critical ventilation velocity for transverse double fires in tunnel

The critical velocity of longitudinal ventilation is one of the most important parameters in tunnel fires. Most previous studies simulated fire scenarios in which only one fire source exists in the tunnel. However, the critical velocity will change under the condition of transverse double fires.
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O.D. Samarin
The periodic temperature oscillations in a cylindrical profile with a large thickness

A hollow cylinder with thick walls is one of the most complex objects to calculate the unsteady temperature field, so this field is the least studied. However, such objects are found in many modern constructions of systems of generation and distribution of heat.
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