Magazine of Civil Engineering, 83(7), 2018


A.S. Gribanov, S.I. Roshchina, M.V. Popova, M.S. Sergeev
Laminar polymer composites for wooden structures

he lack of a clear regulatory framework governing the use of polymer composites to strengthen wooden structures, stimulates the conduct of numerous studies in this area. An important task is to obtain reinforcing materials with the best physico-mechanical and operational parameters.
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F.S. Zamaliev, M.A. Zakirov
Stress-strain state of a steel-reinforced concrete slab under long-term

This article explores the evaluation of the stress-strain state of steel reinforced concrete slabs under the action of long-term loads. The technique of computer simulation for the performance evaluation of steel reinforced concrete slabs under short-term and long-term loads and the results of numerical studies are shown.
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S.F. Pichugin
Reliability estimation of industrial building structures

The article is devoted to solving the problem of the reliability of industrial building structures: crane and roof beams, columns, redundant building systems. For this aim, the probabilistic method of structural reliability estimation is developed after the criterion of bearing strength, in which the main component of structure reliability is faultlessness.
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P.E. Bulanov, E.U. Ermilova, L.F. Mavliev
Structure and mineral composition of soil-cement  with complex additive

The effect of the polycarboxylate ether and the complex hydrophobic-plasticizing additive on the structure, phase and mineral composition of cement based on polymineral clay with content of relict minerals more than 85 % (52.49 % of quartz) was studied.
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V.P. Mushchanov, H.V. Zubenko, M.N. Tsepliaev
The stress state of a tank shell in the group under wind load

The distribution of the wind flow has been studied and its effect on the stressed state of the shell of a steel vertical cylindrical tank. Variants of wind pressure were considered for one tank and for a group of tanks.
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G.I. Ovcharenko, D.I. Gilmiyarov
Strength and phase composition of autoclaved material: an approximation

The purpose of this work was to identify the relationship between the phase composition and strength of autoclaved pressed stone from a mixture of lime and ash of CHP in the presence of Na2SO4. From these mixtures are made such building materials as silicate brick and blocks from autoclaved cellular concrete.
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