Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.6(82), 2018


A.A. Semenov
Dynamic buckling of stiffened orthotropic shell structures

Explored orthotropic shallow shells of double curvature, as well as cylindrical panels that are reinforced from the concave side by an orthogonal grid of stiffeners. The external transverse load acting on the structure is uniformly distributed and has a linear dependency on time.
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V.A. Politko, I.G. Kantardgi
Level ice forces on hydraulic structures during ice season

The current study investigated the variability of the main parameters of drifting level ice during ice season and how this variability affects the ice load. The study was carried out on the example of hydraulic protective structures of the floating nuclear thermal power plant in the city of Pevek.
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K.V. Zhegera, I.S. Pyshkina, G.V. Martyashin
Adhesive dry mix using an amorphous aluminosilicates

In the paper, it is proposed to use synthesized amorphous aluminosilicates as a modifying supplement in cement adhesive dry mixes. The results of the analysis of the chemical composition and microstructure of the developed supplement based on amorphous aluminosilicates used as a modifying supplement in the recipe of adhesive dry mixes are given.
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O.G. Degtyareva, G.V. Degtyarev, N.L. Lavrov, D.U. Aliev
Constructive-technological decisions in regulating the flow of atmospheric precipitation

Practically all sources of fresh water suitable for agriculture, water supply to the population and vacationists, as well as for industrial development on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus either have completely exhausted themselves or are on the verge of their possibilities. Further development of the region is directly related to the resolution of this problem.
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E.S. Hashemi, A. Kheyroddin, M. Gerami
Probabilistic seismic assessment of concrete frame with mass irregularity

As mass irregular structures are more influencing on the behavior of the structures, it is investigated the effect of these irregularities according to the probabilistic approach. Comparison of seismic performance of ten regular and irregular 6-story concrete special moment frame is done, based on the Mean Annual Frequency (MAF) method.
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S.S. Inozemtcev, E.V. Korolev
Interaction process on the phases interface “bitumen – dispersed phase from cement stone”

The results of the study of the effect of the main properties of mineral fillers from cement stone with different degrees of hydration, phase composition and pore volume characteristics on the properties of the bitumen-mineral binder are presented. Dependencies of the influence of mineral filler on the basis of cement stone on the basic parameter of the structure of bitumen-mineral binders-the thickness of the adsorption-solvate layer of bitumen, which was established using the rheological method.
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M.M. Sabri, K.G. Shashkin, E. Zakharin, A.V. Ulybin,
Soil stabilization and foundation restoration using an expandable polyurethane resin

The settlement of foundation is one of the main existing problems which face construction engineers during the construction operation processes since the design of a project and through the whole construction life and it leads to bad consequences on the construction. Many methods have been implemented during the last decades to stabilize the soil, lift basements and reduce further settlements.
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M.V. Sukhoterin, S.O. Baryshnikov, T.P. Knysh, R.A. Abdikarimov
Natural oscillations of a rectangular plates with two adjacent  edges clamped

We study the natural oscillations of a rectangular plate, two adjacent edges of which are clamped, and the other two are free (CCFF-plate), as an element of many building structures. The deflection function is chosen as a sum of two hyperbolic trigonometric series. Both series obey the main equation of free vibration.
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R.B. Orlovich, R. Nowak, N.I. Vatin, V.V. Bespalov
Strength evaluation of the Prussian vaults made from brick aggregate concrete

The behavior of Prussian vaults of brick aggregate concrete differs both from the behavior of brick vaults and classical flat slabs. Such vaults are particularly susceptible to physical damage and deterioration. To determine the real bearing capacity of the vaults, the authors not only performed the in-situ determination on several sections with deflection control, but also numerical simulations of the multi-span system of Prussian vaults in the program complex Abaqus.
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V.A. Rybakov, K.G. Kozinetc, N.I. Vatin, V.Z. Velichkin, V.I. Korsun
Lightweight steel concrete structures technology with foam fiber-cement sheets

Lightweight steel concrete structures (LSCS) constitute an innovative building structure type that can be used both for load-bearing and enclosing purposes. They consist of steel profile – usually galvanized and cold-bent – filled with a monolithic foam concrete with 200 kg/m3 and more density value, and with fiber cement panel sheathing.
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M.M. Mirsaidov, R.A. Abdikarimov, N.I. Vatin, V.M. Zhgutov, D.A. Khodzhaev, B.A. Normuminov
Nonlinear parametric oscillations of viscoelastic plate of variable thickness

Isotropic viscoelastic plates of variable thickness under the effect of a uniformly distributed vibration load applied along one of the parallel sides, resulting in parametric resonance (with certain combinations of eigenfrequencies of vibration and excitation forces) are considered in the paper. It is believed that under the effect of this load, the plates undergo the displacements (in particular, deflections) commensurate with their thickness.
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M.N. Kirsanov
Analytical calculation of the frame with an arbitrary number of panels

A rod model of a statically determinate planar frame with four supports is proposed. The task is to obtain an analytical dependence of the deflection of the truss under the action of various loads on the number of panels in the crossbar and in vertical support trusses. To solve the problem, the computer mathematics system Maple is used.
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T. Van Lam, C.C. Nguen, B.I.Bulgakov, P.N. Anh
Composition calculation and cracking estimation of concrete at early ages

Recently, variety of large-scale constructions from monolithic concrete structures have been built in different regions of Vietnam. The application fields of these structures are extensive including the marine construction, underground structures, the high-rise building erection and others. 
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A. Kachooee, M.A. Kafi, M. Gerami
Local fuse for improving concentric braces behavior 

The concentrically braced system is one of the most common lateral load bearing systems among steel structures. These systems have remarkable lateral stiffness and strength, but their compressive buckling prevents them from being ductile and absorbing optimal energy.
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T.A. Budykina
Treatment of wastewater resulting from iron ore beneficiation

The overall objective of this article is to study the potential of the reagent treatment of wastewater resulting from the iron ore beneficiation process, as well as preventing the discharge of the wastewater into the open waters. The wastewater at the Mikhailovskii iron ore beneficiation plant (Kursk Region, Russia) discharged into a tailings pond has become an object of the research.
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Yu.Ya. Tyukalov
Finite element models in stresses for bending plates

Finite element models for plate bending problems are constructed on the basis of approximations of moments fields. The bending and twisting moments are approximated in the finite element area by piecewise constant functions. The solution is based on the functional of the additional energy.  
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R.A. Ibragimov, E.V. Korolev, R.A. Kayumov, T.R. Deberdeev, V.V. Leksin, A. Sprince
Efficiency of activation of mineral binders in vortex-layer devices

Improving the efficiency of construction composites is a relevant problem for modern-day material science. One of the ways to solve the problem consists in activating the binders by means of vortex-layer devices. Mathematical transformations produced a formula for calculating the dependency of the number of ferromagnetic-particle collision on the number and velocity of such particles, as well as on the device chamber fill factor.
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A.E. Shasurin
The efficiency of the noise barrier installed on the acoustically untreated gallery

The research is targeting at multi-level overpasses which offer one of the solutions for laying the highway in conditions of dense residential development and close proximity to bedroom communities. In terms of acoustics, multi-level overpasses are semi-enclosed structures made of metal and reinforced concrete, where a complex sound field with numerous re-reflections is formed.
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