Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.8(76), 2017


S.H. Bayramukov, Z.N. Dolaeva
Dynamic programming in optimization of comprehensive housing stock modernization

Research in the area of dynamic programming in optimization of comprehensive housing stock modernization has shown that there are a number of important issues that require effective and rapid solutions. The purpose of research is the organization of repair and construction works by modeling the organizational and technological solutions to the use of energy-saving technologies for the comprehensive modernization of the housing stock.
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M.B. Kitain, K.I. Strelets, M.V. Petrochenko
Hot metal droplets capture with centrifugal method

Weld spatter properties and ways of spatter formation were analyzed in the article. It was deter-mined that solidified spatter can be considered as an active agent in environment pollution due to high dispersion, and there is a mass excess comparing with spatter spray.
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V.A. Rybakov, M. Al Ali, A.P. Panteleev, K.A. Fedotova, A.V. Smirnov,
Bearing capacity of rafter systems made of steel thin-walled structures in attic roofs

In the article as an alternative f strengthening of existing rafters or replacing them by new timber elements there is an offer to consider the replacing timber rafters by elements of steel thin-walled structures (STWS). The authors have proposed the methodology for calculation the statically indeterminate frame structures with the use of force method.
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M.P. Fedorov, A.N. Chusov, V.I. Maslikov, D.V. Molodtsov, I. Togo
The simulation models of river flow management by a system of flood control facilities

The authors propose the simulation models of river flow management during extreme river discharges for hydro complex with a hydroelectric power plant (HPP) on a main river and a flood control facility on its side tributary, including the case of their joint operation as part of a system of flood control facilities distributed on a drainage basin.
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J.C.L. Castro, D.D. Zaborova, T.A. Musorina, I.E. Arkhipov
Indoor environment of a building under the conditions of  tropical climate

This paper is focused on having a different approach to energy efficiency and the way it is employed in industry. It considers the real case of Latin-America where normal temperature during day drastically changes from 0 to 25 degrees.
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M.N. Kirsanov
The deflection of spatial coatings with periodic structure

The scheme of the statically determinate spatial truss is proposed. Rectangular truss has a vertical supports on the sides and loaded uniformly at the nodes by the vertical forces. The forces in the rods and supports are determined using cut nodes method.
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N.I. Vatin, A.Yu. Ivanov, Y.L. Rutman, S.A. Chernogorskiy, K.V. Shvetsov
Earthquake engineering optimization of structures by economic criterion

The article deals with an economic optimization problem of structures designed on areas exposed to seismic hazard. Profit (cost-effectiveness) from building usage due its design life-cycle is considered as objective function in this optimization task. Building damage state evaluation procedure and repair cost estimation method are proposed in this study.
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T.V. Bobrova, P.M. Panchenko
Technical normalization of working processes in construction based on spatial-temporal modeling

Application of spatial-time modeling to the rate setting of operational sequence is a practical way to reduce the labor required for this work without losing any accuracy and authenticity of the results was analyzed. The methodology provided the analytical algorithm of rate calculation in MS Excel is synchronized with the visualization of operational sequence in Cinema 4D.
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Y.U. Albert, A.A. Dolgaya, T.V. Ivanova, O.P. Nesterova, A.M. Uzdin, J. Guan, D.. Ivashintzov, O.K. Voronkov, V.B. Shtilman, S.G. Shulman, A.A. Khrapkov
Seismic input models for tuned mass damper designing

The subject of investigations is seismic input models for tuned mass damper designing. Some features of simulating design accelerograms for estimating seismic stability of a structure with a mass damper are considered.
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N.K. Yerzhanova, Zh.A. Mussin, S.K. Dzholdasov, N.N. Bakbergenov
Critical section and critical depth in open flows finding device

Authors offer a device that is designed to finding critical section and critical depth in open flows which are defined by consecutive measurements of dynamic pressure and depth of flow by means of the device in various cross sections and section findings where the dynamic pressure is equal to a half of flow depth, and depth is critical depth, i.e. equality is observed.
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V.N. Smirnov, E.B. Shestakova, S.V. Chizhov, A.A. Antonyuk, L.A. Lediaev, I.A. Indeykin, E.S. Evtukov
Dynamic interaction of high-speed trains with span structures and flexible support

To ensure reliable and safe operation of the bridge structure throughout the life cycle, it is necessary to analyze and take into account many important factors, including the interaction of the main load-bearing structures. The presented work has new theoretical information, which gives the main provisions in the field of design of artificial structures for high-speed railroads.  
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O.V. Tretiakova
Normal stresses of frost heaving as function of excess moisture

Tangential and normal stresses are arises foundation area from the frost heave process. Currently known is the analysis of the tangential stresses based on adfreezing of the frozen soil to the lateral surface of foundation. However, the differences in values of normal stresses may be due to the fact that no single approach to normal stress evaluation has been developed yet.
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Dz. Grasmanis, D.O. Sovetnikov, D.V. Baranova
Energy performance of domestic hot water systems

The target of this paper is assessment the suitability of CEN standards for the calculation of energy performance of the domestic hot water systems and search for the optimal solutions (methods and default values) for Latvian conditions.
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A.S. Chepurnenko
Stress-strain state of three-layered shallow shells under conditions of nonlinear creep

The resolving equations were obtained and a calculation technique was developed with allowance for the nonlinear creep of three-layer plates and shallow shells with a lightweight filler. The problem was reduced to a system of three differential equations with respect to the stress function, displacement and deflection function.
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M.P. Kuz'min, L.M. Larionov, V.V. Kondratiev, M.Yu. Kuz'mina, V.G. Grigoriev, A.S. Kuz'mina
Burnt rock of the coal deposits in the concrete products manufacturing

In the course of laboratory research, which included optical crystallography, there have been established the reasons accounting for the extent of burnt rock activity when in contact with cement during the cement stone formation. The benefit of the burnt rock as an active mineral additive, compared to the fly ash used by the cement plants, was confirmed as well.
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I.N. Serpik, A.V. Alekseytsev, P.Yu. Balabin, N.S. Kurchenko,
Flat rod systems: optimization with overall stability control

An algorithm for discrete optimization of steel flat rod systems was developed on the basis of an evolutionary search. The task is to minimize the weight of the bars via taking into account constraints on stresses, displacements, and overall stability. The cross-sectional dimensions of the bars and the coordinates of their node connections were varied.
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A.V. Bushmanova, Yu.G. Barabanshchikov, K.V. Semenov, A.Ya. Struchkova, S.S. Manovitsky
Thermal cracking resistance in massive foundation slabs in the building period

The article deals with the research of the thermal cracking resistance of massive concrete and reinforced foundation slabs of buildings and structures in the building period. The article examines the results of the analysis of the thermal stress state of a massive foundation slab with a fixed thickness of thermal insulation as well as the results of changing the minimum thickness of the insulation on a surface, providing the cracking resistance of the structures on different plate heights, with and without taking into account the hardening temperature influence on the concrete modulus of the deformation. 
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A.V. Chechevichkin, N.I. Vatin, V.V. Samonin, M.A. Grekov
Purification of hot water by zeolite modified with manganese dioxide

A new material is proposed for complex purification of hot water from iron and hydrogen sulphide – natural zeolite modified by manganese dioxide. It has been shown experimentally that this filtering material has high efficiency of water purification from iron and hydrogen sulphide, low mechanical degradability during operation, as well as low water consumption for washing during regeneration of the filtration media.
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E.A. Loktionova, D.R. Miftakhova
Fluid filtration in the clogged pressure pipelines

The aim of the work is to determine the influence of the clogging degree of the pipeline on its throughput. This paper describes the results of hydraulic tests of a pressure pipeline with clogging of two types: expanded clay gravel and medium-grained sand.
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M.V. Sukhoterin, S.O. Baryshnikov, T.P. Knysh
Stress-strain state of clamped rectangular Reissner plates

The paper focuses on obtaining numerical results for a rectangular Reissner plate with clamped contour under the influence of a uniform load using the iteration superposition method of four types of trigonometric series (correcting functions). The initial function of bendings is selected as a quartic polynomial which turns into zero on the contour and is a specific solution to the main bending equation.
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Kh.V. Il'ina, N.M. Gavrilova, E.A. Bondarenko, M.Ju. Andrianova, A.N. Chusov
Express-techniques in study of polluted suburban streams

Water samples from streams in suburban region of new builds were analyzed in order to suggest methods and parameters for pollution monitoring. Concentrations of total nitrogen (TN) varied from 0.6 to 9.0 mg/L, ammonium – from 0 to 6.8 mg/L, total organic carbon (TOC) from 8.3 to 21.1 mg/L.
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S.G. Srungeri, N.N. Alekseev, I.A. Kovalenko, O.N. Stolyarov
Creep behavior of geosynthetics by temperature accelerated testing

Predicting the creep behaviour of geosynthetics is very important for determining the design life of geosynthetic based structures. In this paper, geogrids and geotextiles made of two major types of synthetic polymer namely, polyester and polypropylene were investigated for accelerated creep test. In short-term measurements, creep was accelerated by temperature in equal steps.
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I.A. Indeykin, S.V. Chizhov, E.B. Shestakova, A.A. Antonyuk, E.S. Evtukov, K.N. Kulagin, V.V. Karpov, G.D. Golitsynsky
Dynamic stability of the lattice truss of the bridge taking into account local oscillations

In the article the analysis of factors is produced influencing on the possible loss of dynamic stability of bars of the latticed truss under act of kinematics indignations of ends of bar at the general vibrations of flight structure caused by dynamic factors accompanying moving of the temporal loading on a bridge.
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A.V. Benin, A.S. Semenov, S.G. Semenov, M.O. Beliaev, V.S. Modestov
Methods of identification of concrete elastic-plastic-damage models 

The methodology for identification of mechanical characteristics of the nonlinear material model for concrete, taking into account the elastic-plastic deformation and the damage accumulation under monotonous and cyclic loading, is proposed.
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