Magazine of Civil Engineering, №4(6), 2009

Виктор Иванович Телешев

Victor Ivanovich Teleshev died

12th of May, 2009 after long and serious illness Doctor of Science, professor, honorary power engineering specialist of USSR (1989), honorary builder of Russian Federation (1990) Victor I. Teleshev died.  The team of Department "Technology, Organisation and Economy of Construction" pays respects to family and friends. 
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Конференция Легкие стальные тонкостенные конструкциии

Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"
Конференция Управление строительно-инвестиционными проектами: теория, практика, инновации

Theory and practice in management of building investment projects

From 25 till 26 of May in Saint-Petersburg the 2nd scientific and practical conference "Management of building investment projects: theory, practice, innovations" took place. The orgniser of this event is Association of professional managers of building investment projects" (APUISP), which incorporates companies with functions of turnkey contract, technical supervision, building owner, engineering.
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Круглый стол "Опыт и проблемы создания профильных саморегулируемых организаций"

Self-regulation: experience and problems

May, 25 within the framework of conference "Management of building investment projects: theory, practice, innovations" the round table "The experience and problems in foundation of self-regulating organizations" took place. 
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Георгий Яковлевич Булатов

Foundations: technologies and calculations methods

May, 21 at Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) the seminar "Design and arrangement of foundations" took place. In Saint-Petersburg buildings often are erected on pile foundations, and most of reports were devoted to different types of such foundations. At the department  "Technology, Organisation and Economy of Construction" researches in this sphere are conducted for a long time. The superviser of researches of students and post-graduate students is PhD, associate professor Georgiy Y. Bulatov, he has several patents for inventions in this sphere. 
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Защиты магистерских диссертаций

New graduates

In june at Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) the defense of master thesises took place. Nowadays master programs are not incomprehensible innovation for students and workers of University; it is the main line of development for University and Faculty of Civil Engineering also.
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Annotations of master's thesises, 2009, department "Technology, Organisation and Economy of Construction"

The annotations, publications and approvals for all master's thesises which were defended this year at the department "Technology, Organisation and Economy of Construction", Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. The full texts may be given by inquiry.
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Подземные автоматизированные паркинги в центре города

O.M. Lvova, P.K. Tulin
Underground automated parkings in the centre of city

One of solutions for the problem of lack of stalls in the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg is considered in this article. The low profitability of parkings is noted as the main reason of the problem. The possibility of construction of automated circular underground parking in our city is considered. The technology "top-down" is used.
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Комплексное применение монолитного пенобетона

I.A. Lundyshev
Complex use of monolithic foam concrete for construction in hard-to-rich areas of energy resources production

Economical reasonability of monolithic foam concrete use for complex development is studied: for construction of roads, residential buildings, installation of enginering services.  The technology of skeleton construction using monolithic foam concrete and various technologies of construction of highways with heat-insulating layer are depicted. 
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Применение высокопрочных текстильных материалов в строительстве

O.N. Stolyarov, A.S. Gorshkov
Application of Extra-strong Textile Materials in Construction

The article presents the review of the modern methods and ways of application of extra-strong textile materials in different building constructions types. The structural classification of the textile materials used in construction is provided. The advantages of textile materials compared to the traditional steel armouring elemets are described.
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Базальтофибробетон. Исторический экскурс

I.A. Voilokov, S.F. Kanaev (Yastrzhembsky)
Bazalt fibrous concrete.  Historical background

Basic concepts and starting points for construction composites elaborating are given. The hystory of disperse reinforcement using bazalt fibre is given. Basic technical characteristics of bazalt fibre concrete received by tests are given. Also the test results of various structures made of bazalt fibre concrete (sleepers, piles, floor slabs etc.) are considered.
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Магнитная активация воды в промышленности строительных материалов. Применение магнитоактивной воды в производстве пазогребневых плит

E.A. E'pshtejn, V.A. Ry'bakov
Magnetic activation of water in the construction materials industry. Use of activated water in the production of gypsum partition plates

In the article the theoretical basis of use of water magnetic activation in construction materials production is depicted. Various apparatus for magnetization of water, different scopes in industry are considered: ceramics production, hardening of cement matrix, hardening of gypsum and other matrixes. Tests for time of setting and strength limit of gypsum partition plates made with ordinary and activated water were done. 
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D.V. Kurlapov
Influence of high temperatures of fire on building structures

the impact of high temperatures of fire on structures is considered and features of their restoration are noted. Much attenton is given to reinforced concrete structures. The calculations of residual load-carrying capacity, design resistance of concrete and reinforcement, depth of warming and other essential characteristics are given.
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L.L. Goshka
Mathematical modelling and experimental data for crystal growth in two-phase system

It is the fourth chapter from a series of articles about influence of climate systems on human organism using the method of crystallization in gels. Both gels and human organism are two-phase systems composed of  two or more components. In the article results of tests and mathematical modelling of processes in such systems are given. 
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M.N. Vauchskiy 
Nanotechnologies in producing of concrete and solutions. Facts and comments

The article contains polemics with the article of M.E. Yudovich "About some features of nanotechnologies in plastification" published in Vol. 1, 2008 of Magazine of Civil Engineering.
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G.I. Abdullaev, V.Z. Velichkin
Some features of reliability evaluation of building flows

The article is devoted to organizational management in construction of line structures. The calculation of line method in organizational management with reliability objective based on probabilistic models is given. Use of this calculation makes it possible to assure an uninterrupted work process and avoid losses due to unexpectable failures and delays on execution phase.
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