Magazine of civil engineering, №5(7), 2009


Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"


Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

г. Мец, Лотарингия - место проведения презентации нанобетонов

Russian technologies in France

On 9th July the presentation of new technology for building sector took place in Metz, France. It was a technology of light-weight nanomodified concrete. This technology was presented by group of russian scientists and engineers.
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Экскурсия на стройплощадку жилого дома

Light-gauge thin structures in Saint-Petersburg

In our magazine articles dealed with light-gauge thin structures, their calculation methods and application were published a lot. On 3th August we could see the practical use of light-gauge thin structures in building walling.
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Экономический анализ использования энергоэффективных источников света с точки зрения потребителя

A.S. Gorshkov, I.A. Voilokov
Economical research of energy effective light sources from consumer point of view

Current research purposes to find economical basis for choice among the most widespread illuminating equipment. The analysis includes comparison of its power and price, price of electric power, and also durability of different illuminating equipment.
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Энергосбережение в тепловых сетях за счет параметров теплоносителя

O.V. Averyanova
Energy saving in heating systems due to the heating agent parameters

In the article energy saving in individual heating due to the low temperature of heating agent is considered. The optimal temperature drop for saving of heating agent is found. Dependances between expenses on heating systems construction, temperature drop and heating agent temperature are analysed.
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Акустический расчет системы вентиляции и кондиционирования в современных зданиях

I.I. Bogolepov, A.A. Gladkih
Acoustic calculation of ventilation and air conditioning system in modern buildings.

The article includes algorithm for acoustic calculation of modern ventilation and air conditioning system. The calculation for three types of premises and the example of calculation for local radio and TV studio are given.
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L.L. Goshka
Climate systems: simulation of air influence on human organism

It is the fifth part from a series of articles about influence of climate systems on human organism using the method of crystallization in gels. Mathematical modelling and experimental data for crystalls growth in gels are given. It is shown that similar processes take place in human organism when polluted air come into it.
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Гуминовые вещества как фактор риска для подземных сооружений

E.V. Abakumov, D.U. Vlasov, S.A. Starcev
Humic substances as risk factor for underground structures

Ways of influence of underground microflora and humic substances on underground building structures are analysed. Experimental data for soil samples are given. Soil samples were taken from metro tunnel in the time of its technic inspection. The classification for biological aggression of soils is proposed. On basis of this classification the research was conducted in the place of future inclined tunnels for projectible branch of underground railway.
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О некоторых ошибках при проектировании и устройстве бетонных полов в зданиях производственно-складского назначения

I.A. Voilokov, A.M. Gorb
Some mistakes that take place when designing and constructing the concrete floors in production and storage buildings

The classification of principal mistakes when designing and constructing the industrial floors is made on basis of operational experience and its scientific analysis. Mistakes in different phases of project are considered: investigation of present foundation, developpment of requirements specification, designing, construction and maintenance.
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Saint-Petersburg zonal research and design institute of housing and civil buildings

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Использование материалов из гидролизованных алюмосиликатов глинистых пород для гидроизоляции зданий и сооружений

M.V. Knatko, E.V. Scherbakova, M.N. Ephimenko
Hydrolyzed aluminosilicates of mudstones. Application for building waterproofing

In the article the waterproofing technology is described. It is the alternative and in the same time the heir of traditional method "clay lock". New materials on basis of hydrolyzed aluminosilicates of mudstones have the same principle of work, but avoid a lot of disadvantages of traditional method. Results of material tests for principal physicomechanical properties are given in the article.
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M.V. Knatko, E.V. Scherbakova
Use perspectives for recycled raw material resources

In the article the technology of waste use for developpment of armed man-caused soil is considered. This material can be used in landscaping and planning work, for creation of structural layers of road foundations and as binding agent for stabilization of soft ground.
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