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Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"
Неделя науки ГОУ СПбГПУ

The renovated Week of Science

From November, 30th till December, 5th the XXXVIIIth international scientific and practical conference «Week of science at SPbSPU» took place at St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) . It is an annual conference in which students, post-graduated students and teachers from SPbSPU and also from other high schools of St.-Petersburg and Russia participate.
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Энергоэффективность XXI век. Инженерные методы снижения энергопотребления зданий

The energy efficiency and the thermophysics of buildings

On December, 10-11th, 2009 in Lenexpo an exhibition «Housing and communal services in Russia» and the Congress «Energy efficience in XXI century. Engineering methods of reduction of energy consumption in the buildings» took place. Within the limits of these events IIth Russian scientific and technical conference «Building thermophysics and energy effective design of walling of buildings» conducted the work.
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State University of Architecture and Construction of Penza

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The formation of microstructure of the compounded cement

O.V. Tarakanov, E.O. Tarakanova
The formation of microstructure of the compounded cement materials

In the article there brought the researches of processes of crystallization of hydrates, of the formation of structure of cement materials on micro- and macrolevels, of the character of distribution of microparticles and units in the compounded cement matrix, their form, a relative positioning and influence. The modelling of processes, and also the analysis of own experimental data is made.
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Теплофизические испытания фрагмента кладки стены из газобетонных блоков марки по плотности D400

V.A. Pinsker, V.P. Vylegzhanin, G.I. Grinfeld
Thermophysical tests of the wall laying  fragment made of aerocrete blocks with mark on density D400

The article is devoted to the technique of thermophysical tests of the aerocrete blocks developed by the authors. The urgency of the research is provided by the fact that application of such blocks without filling of the vertical joints are not considered in the Russian normative documents because of absence of the data about thermal resistance of such laying.
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Лабораторные и натурные исследования долговечности (эксплуатационного срока службы) стеновой конструкции из автоклавного газобетона с облицовочным слоем из силикатного кирпича

M.V. Knatko, A.S. Gorshkov, P.P. Rymkevich
Laboratory and natural researches of durability (operational service life) of the autoclaved aerocrete wall designs with the facing silicate brick layer

In the present paper the estimation technique of the operational service life for the two-layer wall designs is described. The simultaneous laboratory and natural tests were conducted within 4,5 years.
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Эмпирические методы оценки несущей способности стальных тонкостенных просечно-перфорированных балок и балок со сплошной стенкой

P.N. Nedviga, V.А. Rybakov
Estimation of load carrying capacity of the steel thin-walled  dinking punched beams and beams with a continuous wall by empirical methods

During the work the technique of tests of the steel cold-worked thin-walled beams with absence or presence of the longitudinal punchings has been offered, and corresponding dependences are received. The beams were tested for the durability, and dependences of the durability on the constructive and technological parameters were investigated.
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Использование микросвай при ремонте набережных

V.U. Smolenkov
Use of the micropiles at the repair of quays

In the article the Petersburg organization's experience in the major repairs of Palace quay site is described. The sparing technologies which allow to conduct works in historic centre are considered. The basic technology is use of drilled-and-injection piles.
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I.A. Voilokov
The application of fibre at the manufacturing of piles

The article is devoted to the use of the steel-fibro-concrete in manufacturing of piles. Also some extracts from history of the foundation engineering and from the classification of piles are quoted.
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I.A. Lundyshev
The calculation technique of the thickness of the monolithic foam concrete layer applied for the pipe covering

The article is devoted to the important subject of the pipe covering. The use use of the monolitic foam concrete is comparatively new method in Russia. In the article there are the exmples of calculation of the thickness of the layer of the foam concrete in the case of different types of laying.
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L.L. Goshka
Climate systems: the calculation of the air exchange at the quarters

Air exchange is one of the most important parameteres of  the quarters for the design of climatic systems. In the article there is an analysis of the physical meaning of this characteristic and its influence on the health of people.
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V.M. Zhgoutov
The durability and stability of the elastic orthotropic and isotropic ribbed shells. II

It is the continuation of  the article of  this author from the issue 7, 2009 of our magazine. It contains the analysis of stress and deflection distribution on the field of a shell.
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V.M. Zhgoutov
Method of constructive anisotropy for the orthotropic and isotropic ribbed shells

A new article from the series concerned to the modelling and calculation of shells.
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G.I. Abdullaev
The estimation of level of the reliability in view of organizational and technological parameters of building of the linearly and extensive constructions

The author  study the influence of organizational and technological parameters on the level of the reliability of  the design solutions. The general strategy of the design solutions is proposed.
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