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Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"

Выставка Читастроймаркет

семинар «Эффективные решения ограждающих конструкций»

About the efficiency of walling

On March, 4th, at well-known design and research institute "LenNIIProekt" the seminar "Effective solutions for walling of buildings" took place. The most popular modern elevation systems were represented. 
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конференция «Дефекты зданий и сооружений. Усиление строительных конструкций»

Methods of technical inspection and reinforcement of buildings and constructions

18.03.10 at Military Engineering and Technical University XIV scientific and methodical conference "Defects of buildings and constructions. Reinforcement of building structures" took place. This conference is annual and it attracts experts in the field of technical inspection from all Russia and other countries (you can find information about the previous conference here (rus)).
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N.V. Paranicheva, N.V. Nazmeeva
Strengthening of building structures using carbon composite materials

The article is devoted to a relatively new method of building structures reinforcement by carbon fiber materials. Calculation of ribbed slab reinforcement by various composite materials is given as an example.
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Информационная модель здания (BIM)

E.V. Krinitsky
Building Information Modelling (BIM)

New Building Information Modeling (BIM) concept is becoming more popular in construction area. The new approach is built upon tight cooperation of all project’s players using the newest technologies and CAD programs.
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Особенности очистки воды из р. Вуокса в летний период

N.I. Vatin, V.N. Chechevichkin, A.V. Chechevichkin
Features of water purification from Vuoksa river during the summer period

The research was conducted at settlement Gory, Priozerskiy district, Leningrad region, in summer time of 2004-2009. The results of this research are given in the article. Working of present complex water purification device was analyzed, and proposals for water quality increasing using two-batching scheme were presented.
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L.L. Goshka
Climate system: the transition from a sanitary to physiological norms

In the article the system of standarts for ventilation systems design is analyzed. Present hygiene and sanitary standarts are based on sensory reactions. The author shows that these standarts don't guarantee tha health of users. He proposes to turn to standarts based on the human phisiology and calculation of carbonic gas permissible concentration.
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Качество конструкторской проектной документации с точки зрения технической экспертизы в Литве

M. Samofalov, V. Papinigis
The quality of the design project documentation in terms of technical expertise in Lithuania

Detailed analysis of typical mistaks in design documentation based on the data of engineering examination in Lithuania is made. The design documentation structure under european standarts is considered. The engineering examination itself is considered too.
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Численное моделирование влияния грунтового ядра на несущую способность трубосваи

G.Ya. Bulatov, A.P. Nozhnov
Numerical simulation of the influence of soil core on the bearing capacity of pipe pile

The article is devoted to the calculation of steel pipe piles taking into account the earth core influence. The mathematical model is created on basis of the balance theory. Dependences between the embedded leg of pile, earth core resistivity, pile capacity and effective factor of material utilization are found.
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V.M. Zhgoutov
Nonlinear equations of ribbed shells motion taking into account the different properties of the material. II

In the present work the generalization, development and analysis of static mathematical models offered by the author is realized for the dynamic problems of ribbed shells in a general view and taking into account various material properties. 
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V.M. Zhgoutov
Nonlinear equations of ribbed shells balance taking into account the different properties of material

In the present work the generalization, development and analysis of static mathematical models offered by the author is realized for shells in a general view and taking into account various material properties in case of static loads of short or long duration.  
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Звукоизолирующая панель с максимально возможной звукоизолирующей способностью

V.E. Abrakitov
Soundproofing panel with a maximum soundproofing ability

The design of sound insulating panel is described. In this invention the sound-proofing properties of vacuum are applied.
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Реконструкция крыш Санкт-Петербурга на основе легких стальных тонкостенных конструкций и антиобледенительной системы

N.I. Vatin, V.V. Volodin, E.A. Zolotareva, K.V. Petrov, E.N. Zhmarin
Reconstruction of St. Petersburg roofs based on light steel thin-walled structures and de-icing system

The engineering solution of icicle problem and short operation life of roofings is proposed. The comparative economic analysis of roof major repairs in conventional technology and with using light-gauge thin structures was conducted.
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Наномодифицированный магнезиально-шунгитовый защитный бетон

A.S. Ryzhov, L.N. Pocelueva
Nanomodified magnesian schungite protective concrete

A concrete produced by the authors on basis of magnesia cement is used for radiation protection. The properties of this concrete are compared with portland cement concretes. Th recommendations for use are given.
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