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Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"

конференция «Современные программные средства и методики расчета конструкций: здания, мосты, трубопроводы и сооружения»

Computer-aided design of buildings and structures

From 14th till 15th April within the bounds of exhibition ''Interstroyexpo" the conference "Modern software and calculation methods for buildings, bridges, pipelines and constructions" took place. The conference is held at Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSTU) for the second time, this year it was included into business program of the exhibition.
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Эффективные системы отопления, вентиляции, кондиционирования воздуха и теплоснабжения

Effective building systems

April, 16th, on the exhibition ''Interstroyexpo" the scientific and practical conference "Effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems" traditionally was held by ABOK ( Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics). As a central event for specialists in building systems, the conference attracts a lot of participants, also from other russian cities. 
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Современные методы сейсмоизоляции зданий и сооружений

A.R. Arutunyan
Modern methods of buildings seismic isolation

The article is an analytic review of various methods for seismic insulation. Classification of seismic insulation systems is given. The main design solutions are examined, their advantages and disadvantages are given.
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Сейсмоизоляция общественных зданий на основе фторопласта

V.D. Kuznetsov, V.A. Lyadskiy
Seismic fluoroplastic insulation for public buildings

The seismic insulation system using fluoroplastic film is proposed. The structure is created on the base of combination of rubber-metal bearings and dampers. The structural layout is given, structural behavior is considered for the case of earthquake. Finite elemnts model of building is created and calculation for progressive fracture is conducted.
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Безригельный предварительно напряженный каркас с плоским перекрытием

I.O. Pogrebnoy, V.D. Kuznetsov
Non-nogging prestressed building frame with flat-slab deck

In the article the building technology using prestressed reinforced concrete is analysed. Principal design models of non-nogging building frames with prestressed reinforcement were created. Dependences between covering thickness, concrete and reinforcement consumption and bay size withprestressed reinforcement or witout it.
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Внешнее армирование железобетонных колонн композиционным материалом на основе углеволокон

T.S. Morozova, V.D. Kuznetsov
External reinforcement of reinforced concrete column by composite coal-plastic material 

Coal-plastic behavior is considered with relation to concrete structures strengthening. Four finite elements models for different strengthening types of cast concrete columns are given. The optimal reinforcement scheme for short columns is discovered. Dependences of displacements on loading are received.
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Влияние растворных швов кладки на параметры теплотехнической однородности стен из газобетона

A.S. Gorshkov, A.A. Gladkikh
Influence of mortar joints in aerocrete-work on the thermotechnical homogeneity of walls 

In the paper the influence of work joints on the thermotechnical homogeneity of walling is estimated. Now heat resistance of walling is often calculated from main wall material parameters. Heat-conducting inclusions like mortar joints are not taken into account.
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Современные технологии расчета магистральных трубопроводов

V.V. Lalin, A.V. Yavarov
Modern calculation methods of trunk pipelines

In the article the finite elements modelling and calculation of system "pipeline-piles-foundation bed" for above-ground laying and beam pass. Thermal loadings on the pipeline in permafrost are taken into account. Simulation is made by software SOFiSTiK.
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Оптимизация технологии теплогидроизоляции трубопроводов

A.V. Malysheva, Y.V. Chernyavskaya, V.G. Popov
Optimization of thermal and hydraulic pipeline protection

The article is dedicated to the problem of pipeline insulation. Existing solutions are analysed and modernization of silicate enamel pipeline covering is proposed. Suggested technology of oxyfuel gas spraying allows to increase productivity and  reduce expenses for covering.
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Возможности использования тепловых аккумуляторов и низкопотенциального тепла земли при отоплении индивидуальных домов

P.N. Nedviga
Use of heat storages and low-grade heat of earth for heating in private houses

In the article various solutions for indirect heating of private houses are considered. The end-to-end solution is proposed with using of soil energy and heat storages.
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L.L. Goshka
About the limits of responsibilities in the field of climatic systems design

The author analyses responsibility of building systems designer in the view of air influence on the human health. Processes in the organism are modelled when carbonic gas content in the room increases. The model and experimental data are compared.
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Department "Technology of construction", Faculty of architecture and construction, South Ural State University 

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A.H. Bayburin
About the development of self-regulated organization standards for evaluation of quality control system in construction

The quality control system in construction in self-regulation is considered. Control functions distribution between the project participants is analysed. The author suggest a standard project "Evaluation of quality control system in construction" for application in self-regulated organizations.
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A.M. Ivianskiy, S.E. Shutrov
Automatized development of design estimates using estimate bases 2001

In the article various estimate bases are analysed in historic prospect. Classification of software for estimation and criteria for its selection are given.
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V.A. Sokolov
Importance of diagnostic characters and diagnostic value of technical inspection for estimation of building structures elements state

When building structures technical inspection is done, the expertise is usually used, i.e. the expert make a decision about technical state group on the base of certain diagnostic characters and his professional experience. In the article the author tries to make a technical state estimation process more strict. For that he classifies diagnostic characters, and on the base of this classification he develops a diagnostic matrix including diagnostic importance of each diagnostic character.
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A.V. Ulybin, G.A. Kukushkina
Use features of resistive electrocontact method for control of steel structures deflected mode

In the article rather new resistive electrocontact method for building structures inspection is investigated. The influence of ambient temperature, steel grade, specimen thickness and sensor pressing force on the measurements is analysed.
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M.N. Moroz, V.I. Kalashnikov, O.V. Tarakanov
Effective integral powder waterproofer "PRIM-1" for composite materials on basis of mazut and burnt lime reaction products 

The article is dedicated to the new integral waterproofer for concrete on basis of mazut. Chemical reactions between waterproofer components are analised. Results of tests for modified concrete for strength, axial compression, water absorption kinetics are given.
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