Magazine of Civil Engineering, №4(14), 2010



Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"

Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

Тендеры и государственные закупки в строительной отрасли

Tenders and public purchases in building sector

From 25th till 26th May, Association of Professional Project Managers in Building Sector (APUISP) conducted the 3rd Practical conference "Project Management in Building Sector". This year the conference was in new format with crush-tests of real investment and building projects.
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Инновационные технологии Франции и России

Innovation technologies in France and Russia

June, 8th within the framework of Year France-Russia conference "Innovation technologies in civil engineering and restoration" took place. It was organized by French Consulate General in Saint-Petersburg and Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU). In welcoming speech Consul General mentioned that close cultural cooperation is traditionally strong between Russia and France, but relationships in the field of innovation technologies are also very important to develop.
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S.V. Nikonorov, O.A. Tarasova
Early loading of monolithic floors with using post-and-beam formwork

Technology of early floor formwork removal with using post-and-beam formwork is considered. After seasoning of floor concrete the formwork removal is made and temporary posts are installed for transfer of loading from floor without framework to underlying floor.
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Несъёмная строительная опалубка на основе текстильных материалов

K.A. Chernova, N.V. Paranicheva
Permanent formwork on basis of textile materials

Building technology on basis of textile concrete is described. Textile concrete is an artificial stone in permanent formwork made from textile material and astringent. Formwork making process and building erection are considered. Mineral and bast fiber are used for formwork making, and comparative analysis of different fibers is given.
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Экспериментальное исследование работы на изгиб железобетонной балки, усиленной композитной арматурой из стекловолокна

О. Mariko
Experimental analysis and flexural behavior of reinforced-concrete beams reinforced with Glass-fiber-reinforced-polymers

The suitability of using a natural fiber to reinforce high strength concrete for structural purpose is investigated. The compression and tension behavior of high strength concrete reinforced with glass fibers are compared with the behavior of high strength concrete without fiber reinforcement and with high strength concrete reinforced with either steel or polypropylene fibers. Flexural behavior is investigated also.
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V.A. Sokolov
Probabilistic approach in technical diagnostics of reinforced-concrete monolithic floor in old urban buildings

On basis of diagnostic matrix from previous article the technical state estimation for sublevel system "floor" is conducted. The estimation bases on probability parameters for four subsystems of floor: main beams, secondary beams, plate sections and columns. 
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Математическое и компьютерное моделирование нелинейных свободных колебаний упругих пологих оболочек ступенчато-переменной толщины

V.M. Zhgoutov
Mathematical modelling and computer simulation for free oscillations of elastic depressed shells with stepped variable thickness

More perfect model for oscillations of elastic shells with stepped variable thickness is proposed taking into account geometrical nonlinearity, shear and torsional rigidity of ribs. The techniques for investigation of nonlinear free oscillations of shells considered as systems with n degrees of freedom is proposed. Computer simulation for oscillation process in shells was done and major characteristics of oscillation process were received.
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S.O. Ospanov, A.A. Sakharieva
Sen-Venan principle in geotechnics

In the article it is proved that Sen-Venan principle is true not only for elastic bodies but also for more compound bodies like soils. Principle validity is proved by the example of calculation structures on the elastic foundation.
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Магнитная подвеска в звукоизолирующих кабинах для конфиденциальных переговоров

I.I. Bogolepov, Chen Syatin
Magnetic suspension in soundproof booths for private negotiations

Two types of soundproof booths for private negotiations are proposed: of squared and sphere shape. For soundproofing the magnetic suspension method is used. The calculation of required sound insulation was done. Propagation channels both of air sound and structural sound are taken into consideration.
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Математический и стереографический анализ интенсивности солнечной радиации и затенения светопроемов для расчета СКВ зданий

A.G. Sotnikov
Mathematic and stereographic analysis of solar radiation intensity and light shading for calculation of air conditioning

Calculation method for clarification of required temperature for heating in buildings with large glass cover surface is proposed. The scheme of entry of solar radiation heat through translucent structures is considered. Intensity of total incident solar radiation is calculated.
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G.I. Abdullaev
Main methods of reliability growth in building processes

In the article main ways for growth of organizational and technological reliability in building processes are analysed. The problem of efficiency estimation using simultaniously several methods is considered. The calculation of cost effectiveness is given.
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