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Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"

Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

Международная конференция «Лонглайф 2010»

Longlife: design of energy efficient house

June, 24th in Saint-Petersburg international conference "Longlife-2010" took place. Project "Longlife" joins the Baltic Sea region countries for creation of durable, energy saving and resource-saving tenement house for this region.
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Защиты магистерских диссертаций на кафедре ТОЭС

Presentation of master's thesises

In this item the review of master's thesises presented 29.06.2010 in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSTU) is given. In the departement "Technology, Organization and Economy of Construction" (TOES), Faculty of Civil Engineering, masters have been turned out since 2003 so they have enough experience in master programs. 
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семинар «Современные строительные материалы и технологии как основа перспективного малоэтажного строительства сельских поселений XXI века»

New technologies for rural settlements

August, 25th in Lenexpo seminar "Modern building materials and technologies for perspective low-rise construction in rural settlement of XXI century" took place. It was organized by Saint-Petersburg State Agrarian University. In 2009 researchers from this university were conducting a big research work for Ministry of Agriculture "Rural settlements of ХХI century". Results of this work were used when elaborating the Conception  of rural settlements developpment which is in State Duma now. 
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Экспериментальное исследование технологии теплоизоляции трубопроводов монолитным пенобетоном

I.A. Lundyshev
Experimental investigation of technologie of pipelines thermal protection by monolithiс foam concrete

This work is devoted to a relatively new technology for thermal protection of pipelines using monolithic foam concrete. In the article full-scale experiments made in 2007-2008 for right choice of material for permanent forms and centering skid are described. Results of experiments are given, two optimal combinations of form material and centering skid material are proposed.
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Монолитные конструкции из легкого модифицированного нанобетона на примере пятиэтажной разноуровневой автостоянки

D.V. Orlov
Monolithic constructions made of light nanoconcrete by the example of 5-story multilayer parking

In the article use of innovative material - lignt nano-modified concrete - in construction is considered. By the example of parking building the economical efficiency of nanoconcrete use. Calculation of 5 building models in program SCAD was made for that. Based on the results of this work recommendations for effective use of the material are given.
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Навесные вентилируемые фасады: обзор основных проблем

D.V. Nemova
Ventilated facades: review of main problems

In this article the author tries to analize main problems concerned with ventilated facades. The structure, mounting process, thermotechnical properties, fire safety, economical efficiency are considered.
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V.A. Sokolov
Diagnostics of technical state of building structures using methods of fuzzy-set theory

This is a continuation of articles series about methods of technical diagnostics. On basis of diagnostic matrix from first article the technical state estimation for a beam from old city building is conducted. In this case the fuzzy-set theory is used for estimation of technical state.
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Анализ ведущих строек Санкт-Петербурга с точки зрения норм строительной акустики

A.P. Zagorskaya
Key building sites of Saint-Petersburg from the point of view of acoustics of buildings

When constructing every building or erection it's important to take into consideration the acoustics of halls and noise in the rooms and observe the regulations.The article is devoted to the analysis of the observance of these regulations on first-rate projects of Saint-Petersburg: Second stage of Mariinsky theatre, West high-speed diameter, Quay of Europe. 
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L.L. Goshka
About energy saving and increase of energy efficiency in buildings

In the article the analysis of National law №261 "Energy saving and increase of energy efficiency..." from the point of view of building systems is given. The recommendations for modernization of heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems taking into account energy efficiency requirements are given.
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Устойчивость ребристых оболочек при длительных нагрузках

V.M. Zhgoutov
Stability of ribbed shells under sustained loads

The nature of creep evolution in shell material with time was analised and visually presented (changes of deflections and of stress intensity are shown). It allows to get some regularities of buckling load decrease for different reinforced concrete shells under sustained loads. It would give a possibility to design wittingly firm and stably working shell concrete structures by rational choose of their design factors.
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