Magazine of Civil Engineering, №6(16), 2010



Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"

Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

конференция Энергосберегающие решения в строительстве и реконструкции зданий и сооружений

Energy saving solutions for civil engineering

17.09.10 within the bounds of exhibition "BalticBuild" the scientific and practical conference "Energy saving solutions in civil engineering and reconstruction of buildings" took place. The organisers of the conference were Saint-Petersburg State  Polytechnical University (SPbSTU), Interregional Window Institute, Baltic Building Business Society.
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семинар Штукатурные составы для наружной отделки стен из газобетона

Effective building walling

October, 6th, in Saint-Petersburg State  Polytechnical University (SPbSTU) the seminar "Plasters for exterior finish of aerocrete walls" took place. The organisers were SPbSTU, National Association of  autoclaved aerocrete productors, "Н+Н" LC, "Aeroc SPb" LC. General aim of this arrangement was creation of requirements specification for plasters for building walling made of autoclaved aerocrete.
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Расчет дополнительных теплопотерь через теплопроводные включения ограждающих конструкций (на примере узла оконного откоса)

D.V. Krajnov, I.S. Safin, A.S. Ljubimcev
Calculation of additional heat loss through heat-conducting inclusions (on the example of window reveal)

State-of-the-art building wallings may include various elements with heat conductivity more than heat conductivity of main layers. the article is devoted to the calculation heat loss through such heat-conducting inclusions. The calculation consecution of additional heat-flux density caused by heat-conducting inclusion is given. On the base of these calculations the method of heat resistance calculation for all building front is proposed.
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Прочность и устойчивость упругих ортотропных и изотропных ребристых оболочек. III

V.M. Zhgoutov 
The durability and stability of the elastic orthotropic and isotropic ribbed shells. III

In current article (on the base of mathematic models and algorithm of their research proposed in previous papers) the data of computing experiment for smooth and ribbed polymeric shells, in particular, made of  acrylic resin, are given. Shell flatness condition was discussed. Besides, received results were compared with results of  full-scale experiment made by other authors.
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R.A. Abdikarimov, V.M. Zhgoutov
Mathematic models of nonlinear dynamics problems of viscoelastic orthotropic plates and shells of variable thickness

The authors develop mathematic models and effective computing algorithms for solving of nonlinear dynamic problems about oscillations and stability of orthotropic viscoelastic systems with variable rigidity. Geometric nonlinearity and possible development of creep strain (viscous elasticity) are taken into account jointly.
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Построение решения для оценки технического состояния конструктивных систем зданий и сооружений с использованием вероятностных методов распознавания

V.A. Sokolov
Formation of solution for technical state estimation of building structural systems with using of probabilistic methods of recognition

This is a continuation of articles series about methods of technical diagnostics. Diagnostic matrix from first article is used in series for such building elements as main beams, secondary beams, columns and for structural system "floor" as a whole. Methods and consecution of solution formation are given in overview.
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Огнестойкость железобетонных конструкций: модели и методы расчета

V.V.Belov, K.V.Semenov, I.A.Renev
Fire resistance of reinforced concrete constructions: models and methods of calculation

Basic problems and methods of the evaluation of fire resistance for reinforced concrete constructions are presented. The existing procedures of solving of the static aspect of fire resistance task are analysed. A number of promising trends in development of the solution of fire resistance problems for reinforced concrete constructions is given. A program for solving the thermo-technical aspect of the task of the fire resistance of reinforced concrete constructions is developped.
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L.L. Goshka
Air quality in quarters and system of personal security 

In the article climatic systems are considered as systems of personal security. Roles of State, building proprietors, inhabitants in the formation of  climate favorable for health are analysed. Regulated heat and air conditioning systems are considered particularly, because they can give personal security in temperature.
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I.I. Bogolepov, N.A. Lapteva
Noise map of cities and agglomerations

Noise map of city is an instrument for noise control. There are noise levels on all main roads, in people habitation and recreation areas, on the territory of industrial and other enterprises, and around isolated noisy objects. At present time in Russia and abroad the main problem of noise maps is as before the indefinite precision and reliability of indicated value of noise levels. With using of variance analysis method of probability theory and mathematical statistics the authors propose a method which helps in solving this problem.
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