Magazine of Civil Engineering, №7(17), 2010
Survey of buildings and structures



Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"

Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

конференция «Проблемы обследования зданий и сооружений и пути их решения»

About the survey of buildings and structures

October, 15th, in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) the conference "Problems of buildings and structures survey and ways of its solutions" took place. In his opening speech senior lecturer, head of laboratory in the department "Technology, organization and economy of construction" of SPbSPU Alexey V. Ulybin mentioned that such event has been about to happen long ago. 
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Проблемы ценообразования на рынке обследования зданий и сооружений

A.V. Ulybin, S.V. Zubkov 
About the price formation on the survey market

This article is devoted to the problem of agreed price formation on the market of buildings and structures survey. The authors consider such aspects as absence of one common catalogue of reference prices for buildings and structures survey; dumping at tenders and auctions; disparity of prices in business proposals of different organizations.
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V.G. Shtengel 
General problems of technical diagnosis of non-metal building structures in explotable buildings and erections

For successful realization of survey it is necessary to solve varioius technical and organizational problems. Each of them influence on completeness and reliability of information and thus, objectivity of conclusions about real state of structures and building as a whole, and also forecasting of its further exploitation. In the article the classification and brief analysis of these problems is given.
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Экспертиза и технология усиления каменных конструкций

V.V. Belov, V.N. Derkach 
Examination and reinforcement technologies for masonry structures

In the article the analysis of major methods for monitoring of masonry buildings for the purpose of cracking. Also different ways of reinforcement are given. The authors focus attention on comparison of national and foreign practice in this area. Modern methods of reinforcement are depicted such as Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) and Brutt Technologies.
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Некоторые проблемы обследования зданий с отделкой лицевым кирпичом в Санкт-Петербурге

V.M. Ogorodnik, Y.V. Ogorodnik
Several problems in survey of buildings finished with face brick in Saint-Petersburg

The authors emphasize two types of brick walls defects: defects of mortar and defects of masonry stones. Causes of these defects are analysed, such as moisturing of masonry; material quality; quality of contractor work; project errors.
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Проблемы обследования строительных конструкций, имеющих признаки биоповреждения

S.A. Starcev
About the survey of building structures with signs of biodeterioration

In the article different types of biological destructors and mechanism of their influence on building structures are examined. Experience in the survey of masonry, brick, metal, wooden, reinforced-concrete buildings damaged or destroyed biologically is depicted. Recommendations for microbiological survey of buildings are given. 
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Специфика обследования состояния железобетонных конструкций в условиях агрессивного воздействия воды

S.N. Vetrov, S.V. Yakovlev
Specifity of survey of reinforced concrete structures under agressive water action

In the article the mechanism of water influence on different reinforced concrete structures is considered. Two examples are analysed: influence of ground water on the tunnel lining and influence of man-caused water on the floor structure of industrial building.
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Применение резистивного электроконтактного метода для мониторинга состояния стальных конструкций

A.V. Ulybin 
Use of resistive electrocontact method for monitoring of steel constructions state 

Resistive electrocontact method of nondestructive check was developped for estimation of residual mechanical stresses that keep in metal goods after its production. In this article based on the results of theoretical and experimental research the monitoring technology of operational mechanical stresses in building structures using this method is proposed.
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Технология обмеров фасадов стереофотограмметрическим методом в системе AutoCAD

A.E. Voynarovskiy
The technology of facade measurement by stereophotogrammetric method in AutoCAD environment 

The technology of facade measurement with using digital camera and particularized software is depicted. Main adventure of this technology is use of metric properties of transformed pictures in full measure. At the same time  the measurement process itself is minimized and practically it is combined with designing or modelling.
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Сочетание методов трехмерного лазерного сканирования и цифровой фотограмметрической съемки для фиксации и обмера памятников архитектуры

S.V. Tiurin, S.G. Tihonov 
Combination of three-dimensional laser scanning and digital photogrammetric shoot for fixing and measurement of architectural monuments

Several variants of architectural monument fixing using photogrammetric method are considered: black-and-white and colour three-dimensional point models; black-and-white and colour orthophotomaps in format SPO; black-and-white and colour orthophotomaps in standard raster formats. For different aims authors recommend corresponding data formats.
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Мониторинг микроклимата – основа создания эффективных систем и здания с минимальным энергопотреблением

A.G. Sotnikov 
Microclimate monitoring as a basis for creation of effective systems and the building with minimal energy consumption 

Microclimate monitoring for public and industrial buildings is principal and single way to determine actual loads that are usually far from design values, and to determine air parameters. The method of thermo-, moisture-, steam- and gas-air balances is little known for designers and so  unclaimed. But the information that could be received is objective and is a basis for design of passive buildings.
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