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Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

Журнал Гидротехника

семинар «Использование Еврокодов в Российской Федерации: текущее состояние дел и перспективы»

Eurocodes in Russia

March, 2th, 2011 in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) the international seminar "Use of Eurocodes in Russian Federation: current situation and prospects" took place. Coorganiser of the seminar was British Standards Institution (BSI). Nikolay I. Vatin, Dr.Sc., professor, chief of departement "Technology, Organization and Economy of Construction" of SPbSPU, was moderator of the event. 
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Диагностика и усиление каменных конструкций

Diagnostics and reinforcing of stone structures

In Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) the series of author seminars on the topic of inspection, repair and reinforcing of stone structures by Romuald Orlovich, Dr.Sc., professor of  West Pomeranian University of Technology, took place.   
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конференция «Дефекты зданий и сооружений. Усиление строительных конструкций»

The conference in memory of Vyacheslav Grozdov

March, 24th in Military Engineering and Technical Institute XV scientific and methodological conference "Defects of buildings and erections. Reinforcing of building structures" in memory of professor Vyacheslav T. Grozdov took place.  V.T. Grozdov was the founder and inspirer of the conference for many years, and a lot of speakers remembered their communication or common work with him.
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Вопросы качества и долговечности облицовки слоистых каменных стен

V. N. Derkach, R. B. Orlovich
About the quality and longevity of facing of laminose stone walls

In the paper the most typical faults of cladding of frame buildings, defects of masonry works at protectively-decorative brick face veneer erected in technology of sandwich layers, are given. The analysis of the reasons of origin of faults is made, offers on increasing of reliability of facing layer are given.
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Влияние вентилируемого зазора на теплофизические характеристики систем наружного утепления фасадов зданий с применением тонкослойной штукатурки

S. S. Soloshhenko
Aerated gap influence on thermophysical characteristics of external heat insulation of building fasades with using of thin-coat plasters

The article considers the influence of the ventilated layer on moisture condensation within external wall structure as an example of comparative field tests of external insulation composite systems.
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Влажностное состояние современных конструкций из автоклавного газобетона в условиях эксплуатации

G. I. Grinfeld, S. A. Morozov, I. A. Sogomonyan, P. S. Zy'ryanov
Moisture conditions of modern structures made of autoclaved aerated concrete in operation period

In the article the observation results of moisture conditions of experimental wall structures with using of autoclaved aeroconcrete of grade D400 are given. The results of survey of analogous structures exploited in real-life environment of North-West Russia are given.
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Исследование характеристик наномодифицированных сухих строительных смесей

E. E. Krivtsov, N. M. Nikulin, E. V. Yasinskaya
Research of characteristics of nanomodified dry building mixes

The article is devoted to the investigation of influence of the nanomodification on physic-technical characteristics of dry building mixes. It was shown that the nanomodification leads to reorganization of structure of front glues, to increase of their durability and to essential reduction of the cost price.
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Применение численного моделирования при проектировании технологии обогрева и выдерживания бетона монолитных конструкций

L. V. Zinevich
Application of numerical modeling at technology designing of heating and solidification of concrete in monolithic structures

In the article the general situation of the question of technological projecting of heating and care of concrete and two examples of projects implemented by author are considered. Special attention is paid to modeling of concrete position using Method of Final Elements in the universal software system ELCUT.
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Очистка сточных вод узлов мойки бетоносмесительного и бетонотранспортного оборудования

N. I. Vatin, V. N. Chechevichkin, A. V. Chechevichkin, E. S. Shilova
The purification of sewage from washing of concrete mixing and transport equipment 

Physical and chemical characteristics of sewage from washing of concrete mixing equipment are investigated. The  technological possibilities of chemical treatment of sewage by acids, hydrocarbonate of sodium and gaseous carbon dioxide for purpose of depression of the general salt content in these waters and their use in technological process as the turnaround are analysed.
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Численное моделирование производительности экскаваторов

G. Y. Bulatov, A. A. Terehov
Numerical modelling of excavator capacity

The selection criteria of excavators as an element of engineering procedures optimization are considered in the article. Also the calculation method of service capacity and optimal bottom width of single-bucket excavator has been generated. The calculation example for excavator "front shovel" is given. 
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G. I. Abdullaev 
Organizational and technological factors that influence on the efficiency of building management

In the article the calculation of functioning efficiency of the management system against a background of organizational and technological parameters of construction is given. This calculation makes it possible to select the most rational parameters of organization and technology of construction.
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Оценка рисков при реализации инвестиционно-строительного проекта на примере бизнес-центра

N. A. Lapteva, T. F. Morozova
Risk management in implementation of investment building project on the example of business center construction

For identification and evaluation of risks in the majority of papers the expert methods and the method of statistical modelling are used. In the article th method of expert risk evaluation is analysed. On the example of expert evaluation of technical risks in construction of business center the selection of experts, detection of the most probable risks are considered.
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Математическое моделирование гидравлических режимов балансировки и управления подсистемой нагревания и охлаждения-осушения воздуха в СКВ и СВ

A. G. Sotnikov, A. P. Rusakov
Mathematical modelling of hydraulic conditions of balancing and control of heating, cooling and dehumidification subsystem in ventilation and air conditioning systems

The article is the second part of the one published in the Vol. 1, 2011. The aim of this research is processes modelling and investigation of quantity parameters influence on heating and cooling subsystem of HVAC systems when balancing that subsystem by various balanced valves and when controlling it by three-way valve.
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Технология применения активной примеси при строительстве и эксплуатации подводных трубопроводов

E. A. Markelova
Technology of active dash usage while building and exploring marine pipelines

The research is dedicated to solving turbulent diffusion equations of active dash’s particles movement. The research data helps to predict boidestruction time period changing in dependence on economic usage of active dash, water depth and other factors of turbulence.
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V. V. Karpov
Concerning the borrowing of material from the publications of V. V. Karpov by V. M. Zhgoutov

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