Magazine of Civil Engineering, №3(21), 2011
Simulation and calculation of building structures


Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

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Конечноэлементное моделирование перфорированных стоек открытого сечения из холодногнутых профилей

D. S. Shatov
Finite element modelling of open section perforated thin-walled studs made from thin-walled steel profiles 

Article is devoted to research of work of thin-walled profiles, applying methods of the numerical analysis. In the work deformations and forms of buckling of an open section perforated thin-walled stud, calculated by a method of finite elements are considered.
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Расчетная конечно-элементная модель холодногнутого перфорированного тонкостенного стержня в программно-вычислительном комплексе SCAD Office

A. O. Gordeeva, N. I. Vatin
Finite element calculation  model of thin-walled cold-formed profile in software package SCAD Office

The methods of creation finite element calculation model of open section profile, formation repeated apertures of any form and size in the profile are given. The recommendations for graphical environment parameters setup necessary for correct work of software are given.
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Математическое моделирование напряженно-деформированного состояния гибких оболочек, жестко заделанных по контуру

V. N. Filatov, A. A. Abrosimov
Mathematical modelling deflected mode of flexible shells anchored along the contour

In the article the choice of approximating functions in calculation deflected mode of building design elements at rigid fastening of a contour is discussed. Rational choice of approximating functions is urgent problem, because the rate of convergence of calculation methods of building design elements depends on it.
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Применение оболочечных и объемных элементов при расчетах строительных стальных конструкций в программах SCAD и Nastran c учетом геометрической и физической нелинейности

A. V. Teplykh
Application of shell and solid elements in the analysis of building steel designs with software SCAD and Nastran accounting for geometrical and physical nonlinearity

Computational models using shell finite elements have a number of advantages in comparison with beam models, and their application can sometimes give essential improvements in design optimization, in the speed, presentation and simplicity of obtaining results using modern software.
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Гибридное моделирование в проектировании гидротехнических сооружений и FLOW-3D® как средство его реализации

A. A. Girgidov
Hybrid simulation in hydrotechnical facilities design and FLOW-3D as a tool its realization

Using the commercial CFD solution – FLOW-3D ® as a numerical simulation tool for the design Hydro power plant spillways is shown. Testing of the software complex FLOW-3D ® was carried out for both the laboratory and for field studies. Comparisons of numerical results to laboratory and field studies are well agreed.
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Математическое моделирование и расчет гидротехнических сооружений типа плотины-пластины с учетом сейсмической нагрузки и гидродинамического давления воды

R. A. Abdikarimov, Kh. Eshmatov, Sh. P. Bobanazarov, D. A. Hodzhayev, B. Kh. Eshmatov
Mathematical modelling and calculation of hydraulic engineering constructions such as dam-plate in view of hydrodynamical pressure of water and seismic loading

In present paper the problem about the forced vibrations of hydraulic engineering constructions such as dams is considered in view of hydrodynamical pressure of water and seismic loading. The analysis of influence of viscoelastic and nonlinear properties of a material, and also hydrodynamical pressure of water on deflected mode a dam-plate is carried out.
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Влияние предварительной деформации на подрастание трещин усталости в низкоуглеродистой стали

S. V. Petinov, B. Ye. Melnikov
Effect of Prestrain on Fatigue Crack Growth in Low-carbon Steel

Fatigue crack propagation was examined in testing symmetrically notched specimens machined from pre-strained steel plate coupons. Non-simultaneous crack initiation and propagation at the notches was reduced to symmetrical scheme by a simple coordinate transformation procedure. 
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Скользящий пояс с фторопластом сейсмостойкого здания

V. D. Kuznetsov, S. Chen
Sliding girt with fluoroplastic for earthquake-proof building

Active method of earthquake proof is considered in the article. This method stipulates decrease seismic loads on erections due to the regulation their dynamic characteristics in time of oscillation process under earthquake. Simulation methods of sliding girt made from fluoroplastic and building relocations under earthquake are elaborated in system SCAD.
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Виды узловых соединений в легких стальных тонкостенных конструкциях

V. G. Kurazhova, T. V. Nazmeyeva 
Node connections of cold-formed steel structures

Article is comparative analysis about variety of node connections in cold-formed structures. Peculiarities of bolted connections are considered, comparison of calculation by various techniques is given.
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V. M. Zhgoutov
In response to professor Karpov, V.V. (About the scientific priority of the structural anisotropy method for ribbed shells as well as on functional, describing the material’s creeping)

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