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Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

Журнал Гидротехника

IV практическая конференция «Управление инвестиционно-строительными проектами-2011. Новый старт»

Investment building projects: new start (rus)

25.05.2011 at Saint-Petersburg State Politechnical University (SPbSPU) the IV practical conference "Investment building project management - 2011. New start" took place. The organiser of the event was Association of Professional Project Managers in Building Sector (APUISP). The conference is annual, you can read about the previous conferences in No. 4-2009 и 4-2010.
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семинар «Легендарные разработчики SCAD о своем детище: Расчет и проектирование конструкций в среде SCAD Office»

A confainment for the 4th generating unit of Chernobyl nuclear power plant (rus)

May, 27th, 2011 at  Saint-Petersburg State Politechnical University (SPbSPU) the seminar "Legendary developers of SCAD talking about their brainchild: structure calculation and design in SCAD Office" took place. The seminar under this name is regular at the departement TOES of Faculty of Civil Engineering. This time it was held by the chief of developer team of SCAD Eduard Z. Kriksunov.
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защиты магистерких диссертаций

Masters of Construction (rus)

In the end of June at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of SPbSPU the defences of master theses took place. The subject area was very wide, it covered almost all sides of construction. For example, at the deapartement TOES 20 theses were defended, including such themes as seismic protection of buildings, building structure calculation, waste water purification, air dehumidification and others.
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О выборе методов контроля прочности бетона построенных сооружений

A.V. Ulybin 
On the choice of concrete strength inspection methods of ready-built structures (rus)

The classification of concrete strength estimation methods used in the inspection of buildings and structures are given. Use requirements of nondestructive inspection methods for concrete strength estimation according to normative document are analysed. Guidelines on the choice of concrete strength inspection methods for objects of the inspection of buildings are given.
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N.I. Vatin, D.V. Petrosov, A.I. Kalachev, P. Lahtinen
Use of ashes and ash-and-slad wastes in construction (rus)

The aim of this work is classification of ashes and evaluation of its use in construction. The chemical composition and behavior of shale ash, its advantages as a mineral concrete admixture are analysed.  Various application areas of ash-and-slad wastes in construction are considered, the examples of its use are given.
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Геоконтейнеры в дорожном и гидротехническом строительстве

N.A. Ustyan
Geocontainers in road building and hydraulic engineering construction (rus)

Geocontainers are structural loops made of high-strength geotextile. In the course of construction they are filled by ground or inert material on-site. The aim of the article is to acquaint the reader with this type of geomaterials, possibilities of its use in different areas of construction.
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V.S. Slepchenok, G.P. Petrakov
Increasing the energy efficiency of thermal insulation of heat network pipelines in Northern and Northeastern regions of Russia

In the article the evaluation of energy efficiency of pipeline wrapping layer growth is analised on the example of heat main line from the Apaptity heat electropower station to heat exchangers of the central heat supply station of Kirovsk, Murmansk region, Russia.
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Оценка долговечности сварного соединения методом численного моделирования накопления повреждений

R.V. Guchisky, S.V. Petinov
Fatigue of Fillet-welded Joint Assessment by the FEA Simulation of Damage Accumulation

An approach based on the FEA simulation of fatigue damage accumulation is suggested and applied to evaluate the crack initiation at the cavity and propagation in the non-continuous fillet-welded joint. The crack initiation at the cavity, its three-dimensional shape formation and evolution are simulated taking into account the elastic-plastic cyclic deformation of weld material until almost complete failure of the joint.
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V.F. Orobey, N.G. Suryaninov
Substantive provisions of Numeral-analytical boundary elements method

Substantive propositions of the new method of structure calculation got the name "Numeral-analytical boundary elements method" offered by authors are brought. A method consists of development of the fundamental system of decisions (analytically) and Green functions (also analytically) for every examined task.
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M.K. Usarov
The problem of bending the thick orthotropic plate of three-dimensional formulation

The article provides a solution to the problem of bending the thick three-dimensional orthotropic plate under the action of an external sinusoidal distributed normal load. As the equations of equilibrium three-dimensional equations of elasticity theory were selected.
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