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Energy audit of buildings and erections (rus)

August, 2th, 2011 the first meeting of a new committee of  Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industryп took place. Committee of building business and real estate market had been created in spring 2011, and in summer it began to work. The first item of agenda "The tasks of industrial enterprises and building companies in the realization of energy inspection" provoked active discussion.  
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О численном расчете коэффициента ассимиляции переменных теплопоступлений при автоматизации систем обеспечения микроклимата

O.D. Samarin, S.S. Azivskaya
On numerical calculation of an assimilation factor of variable heat ingress at automation of microclimate systems (rus)

In the paper the nature of activity of the automated ventilating systems and air conditionings (V and AC) under condition of their regulation "on deviation" is reviewed. The analysis of processes descending in V and AC and maintained room is given. The outcomes of numerical calculation of a non-steady thermal mode of a room with the computer program designed by authors are adduced.
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Определение характеристик сварочных искр для расчета их удаления в циклоне

N.I. Vatin, K.I. Strelets, M.B. Kitain
Determination of welding spark parameters for cyclone efficiency calculation (rus)

In case if the dust includes sparks it’s very important to insure that the particles with the sparks will be totally collected in the cyclone, so the collection efficiency for such particles will be 100% in the cyclone. The amount of physical experiments were made by the authors. The methods of determination of the geometric diameter and hydraulic size of the particle consisting sparks were offered.
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Разработка и технико-экономическое сопоставление вариантов проектных решений по предотвращению поступления поверхностных и грунтовых вод на территорию Металлургического терминала порта Усть-Луга

N.V. Arefyev, Yu.V. Volkova, S.Ya. Pavlov,  V.A. Oleshko
Development and technical and economic comparison of design decisions for prevention the entry of the superficial and ground waters to the territory of the Metallurgical terminal of port Ust-Luga (rus)

The problem of authors consisted in project drawing up on protection territory of the Metallurgical terminal of port Ust’-Luga from flooding by the superficial and ground waters. It was offered three variants of collectors: open channel, broken stone absorbing well with punched pipe, broken stone absorbing well.
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Исследование и расчет вертикального отстойника со спирально-навитой насадкой

E.I. Davydov, V.F. Lyamaev
Research and calculation of the vertical sediment tank with spiral-wound nozzle (rus)

Compared to a conventional vertical settling tank, in the proposed settling tank with spiral-wound nozzle there are more favorable hydrodynamic conditions. At the same settling time these conditions allow improving of the lightening effect by increased staying of treated water in the spiral-wound nozzle. Based on the theory of suspended particles sedimentation for this settling tank the mathematical model and calculation method were developed.
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Численное моделирование трехмерного поля скорости в циклоне

N.I. Vatin, A.A. Girgidov, K.I. Strelets
Numerical modelling the three-dimensional velocity field in the cyclone (rus)

The efficiency of dust cleaning depends on the velocity distribution in the body of cyclone.Mathematical modelling of turbulent gas flow in the cyclone was made. Mathematical modelling provided data on the distribution of velocity in the cyclone.
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A.D. Girgidov
Changing of energy dissipation in the transition of laminar flow to turbulence (rus)

Under the same fixed dynamical boundary conditions the energy dissipation in laminar and turbulent flow are compared. It is found out that in turbulent flow energy dissipation is essentially less than in laminar flow (under the same boundary dynamical conditions).
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Определение динамических характеристик сооружений, контактирующих с водой, на примере арочной бетонной плотины Саяно-Шушенской ГЭС

G.L. Kozinets
Determination the dynamic performance of  structures contacting with water, on the example of the arch concrete dam of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP (rus)

The article deals with the topical problem of determining associated water masses in the context of structure oscillation modes by means of solving the temperature problem. The method is implemented for the oscillation mode making the greatest contribution into the seismic load. Presented as an example are the results of solving this problem for the arch concrete dam of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.
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Математический анализ качества поддержания параметров в прецизионных технологических СКВ

A.G. Sotnikov 
Mathematical analysis of parameter maintenance in precision technological V and AC systems (rus)

In present there are no rigorous analytical methods for reliable determination the actual accuracy of maintenence of air quality parameters on condition that they change orderly or stochastically. The harmonic analysis of exponents of periodical increase and decrease of parameters is proposed. It can be used for the estimation of  fluctuations and precision of maintenance of various air quality parametres, first of all, in precision technological VAC systemes.
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Экономическая эффективность энергосберегающих мероприятий

O.V. Averyanova
Economic efficiency of energy saving solutions (rus)

The article shows the example of the solution increasing the energy efficiency of HVAC systems which maintain optimal microclimate parameters in the office buildings. The solution is based on usage of WLHPS (Water Loop Heat Pump System). Consolidation into a united system makes it possible to utilize heat of the exhaust air heat and of other low-grade heat sources. The article also shows the method of estimation the economic efficiency of these systems.
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Экспертно-статистический метод оценивания параметров управляющих воздействий на инженерные сети зданий в условиях неопределенности

T.N. Soldatenko 
The expert and statistical method of estimation the parameters of control actions on building networks under uncertainty conditions (rus)

In the article the algorithm and models of reception the fuzzy values of reliability indicators of technical maintenance network are offered. The numerical example of calculation of fuzzy average time of non-failure operation of system is given.
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