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Building structures and buildings. Structural mechanics


Дополнительное образование по направлению Строительство

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for July-December

Methods of Boundary and Finite Elements in Structural Mechanics (rus)

From 28th till 30th September the traditional 24th Internationalconference "Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Solids and Constructions. Methods of Boundary and Finite Elements" (BEM-FEM-2011) took place. The organizer of this event was Saint-Petersburg Research House. Every year the conference attracts key specialists in structural mechanics and shipbuilding mechanics.
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Расчет и проектирование конструкций в среде SCAD Office

Calculation and design of building structures in SCAD Office (rus)

04-06.10.11 in Kiev, Ukraine, the annual seminar " Calculation and design of building structures in SCAD Office " took place. Traditionally, the seminar is devoted not only to one of the leading software for structural analysis but also to various problems of calculation and design.
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Статический расчет и анализ пространственной стержневой системы

M.N. Kirsanov
Static calculation and analysis of spatial rod system (rus)

An analytical solution of the spatial elastic statically determinate truss is given. The Maple mathematical system with the inductive method of obtaining solutions for an arbitrary number of rods is used.
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Алгоритм расчета сталежелезобетонных водоводов

G.L. Kozinets
Calculation algorithm of steel-reinforced concrete water passages (rus)

The article presents three-dimensional finite element modeling method for steel-reinforced concrete penstocks. The modeling of metal sheathing, reinforcement and fractured concrete was made. Recommendations on maintenance the penstocks were given.
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Учет погрешности монтажа при расчете крупнопанельных зданий

N.I. Vatin, V.D. Kuznetsov, E.S. Nedviga
Installation errors in calculating large-panel buildings (rus)

The paper considers the influence of offsetting and axes fractures of wall panels in the process of its installation into large-panel building. Comparative analysis of design schemes that takes into account different types of errors in installation is done. Conclusions about need to consider installation errors (caused by a deviation from the design of vertical structures) in design model were made, including calculation in the CAD software.
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Оценка сооружений на возникновение галопирования

Yu.L. Rutman, V.A. Meleshko
Estimation the structure on galloping fluctuation possibility (rus)

Generalized Glowrt-Den-Gartog criterion taking into account mode shape and wind speed instability all along height is offered. ANSYS CFX program for determination the aero dynamical coefficients is used. Functions for approximation and interpolation of aero dynamical coefficients as functions of wind angle of attack are offered. The use of obtained results for calculation of Glowrt-Den-Gartog criterion and determination of galloping fluctuation possibility are shown.
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Сравнение динамических упругопластических расчетов, выполненных по одностепенной модели и по модели со многими степенями свободы

E. Simbort
Comparison of nonlinear dynamic analyses performed by both single and multi degree of freeedom system (rus)

In the present research a nonlinear dynamic analysis of the multi degree of freedom system together with nonlinear single degree of freedom system are used for analyzing the behavior of structures under plastoelastic deformation. The validity of the application of a nonlinear single degree of freedom system is analyzed by comparing the results obtained by single degree of freedom system with the results from nonlinear dynamic analysis of the multi degree of freedom system.
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Геометрически нелинейное математическое моделирование динамической устойчивости вязкоупругих пологих оболочек переменной толщины

R.A. Abdikarimov, V.M. Zhgoutov
Geometrically nonlinear mathematical simulation the viscoelastic gently sloping variable-thickness shells’ dynamical steadiness (rus)

Using the Bubnov-Galerkin method, the system of nonlinear ordinary integro-differential equations in partial derivatives was obtained. The numerical method based on the quadrature rules was used for solving it. The algorithm for the computer solving was obtained. The computer steadiness modeling of the analyzed shells was also held, under varying its physical, mechanical and geometrical parameters.
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Частично-ребристые сборно-монолитные перекрытия с ячеистобетонными блоками

N.A. Parashchenko, A.S. Gorshkov, N.I. Vatin
Partially rib precast and cast-in-situ floors with cellular-concrete blocks (rus)

The aim of this work is analysis of strength and deformability of floor by two different methods: analytical calculation and calculation by finite element method using SCAD. It was shown that the finite element calculation is more precise and also it allows to use armature of lesser diameter that decreases the cost of the floor.
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Конструкция виндкэтчера и необходимость модернизации традиционного виндкэтчера (англ.)

E. Jazayeri, A. Gorginpour
Construction of windcatcher and necessity of enhancing the traditional windcatcher

This research has gathered the information about traditional windcatcher and its modern modifications. The advantages and disadvantages of different windcatcher shapes are analyzed. The methods for enhancing its construction are suggested.
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