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Проблемы обследования зданий и сооружений и пути их решения

Problems of buildings and structures survey and ways of its solutions (rus)

October, 14th, in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) II scientific and practical conference "Problems of buildings and structures survey and ways of its solutions" took place. This conference was born only one year ago, and this year it assembled main experts in buildings investigation from different cities of Russia and abroad. There were more than 100 people in audience of this event.
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Estimation of masonry mortars strength during stone buildings investigation

R.B. Orlovich, V.N. Derkach
Estimation of masonry mortars strength during stone buildings investigation (rus)

In this article the new technique of masonry mortars strength estimation is offered. It is based on trials of bored from a masonry body cylindrical samples. Results of experimental researches of masonry mortars compression strength executed on various techniques are presented.
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Метод удельных энергий для определения механических свойств строительных сталей

D.V. Kurlapov, V.M. Khomich, A.V. Levanov
Method of specific energy for determination mechanical characteristics of structural steel (rus)

The new method for the determination of the mechanical properties of steel structure elements of the existing buildings and structures is offered. The article also presents experimental studies on the determination of strength properties of the structural steels VSt3ps6 and 15HSND, which results have shown the possibility of the determination of strength properties of the investigated material with necessary reliability of the measurements using the proposed method.
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Test methods of corrosion state of reinforced concrete structures

A.V. Puzanov, A.V. Ulybin
Test methods of corrosion state of reinforced concrete structures (rus)

The principle and advantages of half-cell potential method of reinforcing steel in concrete is described. A new method of nondestructive testing corrosion condition of reinforcement is the method of measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete. The article describes the principal of its application and the factors influencing on the measurement’s result.
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Тепловизионное обследование железобетонных плит крепления откосов грунтовых гидротехнических сооружений

V.G. Shtengel, V.S. Nedyalkov
Infared image inspection of ground hydraulic constructions slopes fastening reinforced concrete slabs (rus)

The technique of applying the nondestructive examination method for thermal control of one of the most common constructions of hydraulic structures – reinforced concrete fastening slopes of ground facilities (dams, canals, etc.) is considered in this article. The aim of this method is to identify areas of slabs, detached from subgrade.
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Monitoring of unique buildings with using of dynamic parameters according to GOST R 53778-2010

S.N. Savin, S.V. Demishin, I.V. Sitnikov
Monitoring of unique buildings with using of dynamic parameters according to GOST R 53778-2010 (rus)

Determination of dynamic characteristics of constructions is now demanded by GOST R 53778-2010. In the article the comparative results of tests and analysis of dynamic characteristics of the constructions of Kroonstad Naval Cathedral being obtained during 2005 – 2009 are represented.
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Опыт выявления дефектов и трещин в крупноразмерных резервуарах для хранения углеводородов

A.A. Zemlyanskiy, O.S. Vertynskiy
Experience of localization of faults and cracks in large size tank beds for carbone storage (rus)

In this article a variety of emergency situations with tank beds for oil products storage was analyzed and new technical decisions were suggested. These decisions are based on usage of devices of nondestructive testing for localization of fatigue cracks in the circumference weld of large size tanks and organization of monitoring of deflected mode of an object by way of finding moment of cracks formation.
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Оценка технического состояния строительных конструкций зданий на основе многоуровневого вероятностного анализа

V.A. Sokolov
Building systems technical condition assessment based on the multilevel probabilistic analysis (rus)

Methods based on the stochastic apparatus technical diagnostics are put forward to solve problems concerning determination of the structural elements technical condition. Diagnosis is performed using probabilistic methods of recognition of technical conditions of complex technical systems. The diagnosis is conducted with the help of probabilistic methods of the complex engineering systems condition recognition based on the Bayesian analysis.
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Модель идентификации и прогноза дефектов строительной конструкции на основе результатов ее обследования

T.N. Soldatenko
Model of identification and prediction of building design defects on the basis of its inspection results (rus)

The work purpose is decrease in level of uncertainty at identification and forecasting of defects of building designs. The purpose is reached by application of the device of fuzzy logic at the joint analysis of the expert aprioristic information and results of current tool control of a condition of buildings and constructions. It is offered to estimate possibility of detection of defects of certain types in the future intervals of time by means of the indistinct conclusions, the developed algorithms received at use and settlement procedures.
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A.N. Ulshin
Composite quality index of steel auxiliary bar structures (rus)

To reduce resource consumption and ensure an adequate level of quality, both in manufacturing and in the installation of metal it is necessary to investigate a composite index of constructability, and a composite index of quality, for subsequent use in structural design. The purpose of this scientific research is to dvelop composite quality index. The composite index of quality can be used together with the composite index of constructibility at the design stage for evaluating and improving auxiliary bar structures.
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G.Ya. Bulatov, N.B. Kolosova
Criteria for selecting the vibratory pile drivers (rus)

This article is devoted to refining the selection of equipment for pile driving, inter alia, the vibratory pile drivers.The addi tional selection criteria of vibratory pile drivers are proposed by increasing the number of parameters on the basis of systematic approach. It creates, in turn, the necessary conditions for optimal choice of vibratory pile drivers.
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Сокращение площади строительной площадки за счет оптимизации графиков движения рабочих

T.F. Morozova, Tyanfu Khe, Ye.M. Petrova
Building side area minimization at the expense of optimization the schedule of movement of workers (rus)

The article offers heuristic algorithms and methods to reduce peak loads in the schedule of movement of workers. The algorithm is based on the methods of statistical modeling and involves a limited number of sorting options and choose the best by the criterion of peak values of resources.
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S.A. Bolotin, A.Kh. Dadar, I.S. Ptuhina
Simulation of calendar planning in Building information modelling programms and regression detailing of construction period rules (rus)

The methodology of an economic estimation of the whole building at any moment of its designing on the basis of platform Revit use is offered in the article. The essence of this method is the next: using regression dependences, it is possible to define durations of basis cycles of works by specifying the cost and a necessary stage of creation for the each projected constructive element.
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Упорядочение рабочих операций простых технологических процессов в строительстве

M.M. Kalyuzhnyuk, A.V. Kalyuzhnyuk
Working operations of simple technological processes in construction industry ordering (rus)

Methods of ordering are adopted from graph theory, expert assessment, network planning and management. The proposed method is designed for application in technical regulation for organizational effectiveness indicators of simple technological processes of construction and special types of work determining.
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