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СРО: энергоэффективность и законотворчество

Self-regulating organizations: energy efficiency and lawmaking

On the 13 of September the III All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Self-regulation in construction: daily practice and legislation" took place. Key staff of building organizations from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region and other regions took part in this event. 
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Диссипация механической энергии в круглоцилиндрической трубе

A.D. Girgidov
Energy dissipation in circular tube

Two types of one-dimensional radially axisymmetric flows in circular tube were considered: axial flow and rotation about the axis (Rankine vortex). Relying on two- and four-layer description of axial turbulent flow energy dissipation was calculated in each layer.
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Локальное подобие течения и распределение скоростей в турбулентных потоках

V.S. Borovkov, V.N. Baykov, M.A. Volynov, D.V. Pisarev
Local similarity and velocity distribution in turbulent flows

It was established that Prandtl-Nikuradze similarity conditions were not universal for various hydraulic resistance regimes and wall velocity distribution had not any theoretical foundation. The analysis of local similarity flows principal Von Karman- Sedov was presented. It was showed that logarithmic and wall law velocity distribution in equal measure corresponds to this principal and both dynamic velocity and drag coefficient are the similarity parameters for velocity distributions.
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M.A. Mikhalev
Hydraulic calculation of pressure pipes

The paper proposes a procedure for physical modeling and hydraulic calculation of pressure pipes, based on the theory of similarity. Methods for obtaining similarity criteria from combinations of similarity numbers were discussed. Similarity numbers and criteria and criteria equations were defined.
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Численная оценка прочностной надежности высоконапорных водоводов при гидравлическом ударе

G.L. Kozinets, L.P. Potekhin
Numerical evaluating strength reliability of penstocks under hydraulic hammer

The paper presents a graphical method for estimating the excess pressure in penstocks under partial hydraulic hammer. Based on the proposed method, the maximum design load under hydraulic hammer in a high-pressure penstock of the Zaramagskaya HPP-1 was determined. Strength of metal shell and crescent rib of the penstock fork was evaluated under a specific load combination typical for hydraulic hammer
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D.V. Petrosova
Quantitative assessment of the conservative addition transfer by filtration flow through the wall

In the air permeable building envelopes heat flow is carried out including by air filtration. Filtering transfer of conservative addition is comparable with heat transfer by thermal conduction. A method for calculating the heat flow by filtering heat transfer was proposed. Calculation examples for lightweight building envelope were given.
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Распределение параметров воздуха в помещениях с источниками тепловыделений

G.M. Pozin, V.M. Ulyasheva
Distribution of air parameters in premises with heat release sources

The modern numerical methods of heat and air exchange processes studies grounded on the equations of Navier – Stokes were utilized. The results of warm air processes numerical modeling in premises with heat sources placed above the level of the floor were presented. Using the inlet spray feeding schema inducing vibratory process, air temperature and velocity fields were given for increasing heat recovery effectiveness.
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Методологический подход к применению коронных аэроионизаторов при проведении коррекции аэроионного состава воздуха помещений

K.A. Chernyy
The methodology of corona air ionizer usage when correcting the indoor air ion composition

Results of research of small air ion concentration and volume concentration of ozone O3, nitrogen oxide NO and nitrogen oxides (in terms of NO2) are presented. The received empirical dependences allow to carry out calculating of change of foregoing above characteristics for formed air ion composition.
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Систематизация и обобщение характеристик местных вытяжных устройств – основа инженерной методики проектирования эффективных систем промышленной вентиляции

A.G. Sotnikov, A.A. Borovitskiy 
Systematization and generalization of local exhaust devices characteristics - the basis for engineering design techniques of effective industrial ventilation

In this paper, as a continuation of the previous papers the basics of designing effective industrial ventilation systems by optimizing air flow were described. An integrated exponential power dependence for defining the recovery effectiveness of different harmful substances by different local exhaust devices was proposed. The conception of equivalent effective velocity was proposed and substantiated.
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Определение оптимальных затрат на управление климатическими системами интеллектуального здания

O.D. Samarin, E.A. Grishneva
Determining the optimal costs on engineering equipment control systems for smart house

The basic constituents of the working costs were submitted at operation of such object. The dependence of costs change on the depth of engineering measures implementation was investigated. The economically optimum degree of building equipping according to criterion of cumulative discounted costs minimization was detected.
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Модель остаточного ресурса инженерных систем с высоким уровнем износа

T.N. Soldatenko
Model of the residual resource of plumbing systems with high level of wear

The tools of fuzzy sets in the joint analysis of retrospective, current and expert information on change of plumbing system object technical condition and variable limits of its tolerance range were used. It is offered to carry out the calculation of residual resource by means of fuzzy values of time and probability of crossing the tolerance range limits by the object parameter.
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