Magazine of Civil Engineering, №7(33), 2012
Survey of buildings and structures. Testing of building materials and structures.



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Обследование зданий и сооружений: наука и практика

Survey of buildings and structures: research and practice (rus)

October, 14th, in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) III scientific and practical conference "Problems of buildings and structures survey and ways of its solutions" took place. This year the number of participants and the variety of  presented regions of Russia and abroad increased.
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Hydraulic engineering in Russia: current situation and prospects (rus)

October, 25th, in Saint-Petersburg VII scientific and practical conference "Hydropower engineering: new developments and technologies" took place. On the conference the questions of laws and standards, financing the branch, training of personnel were discussed.
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Прочность нормального сцепления цементных растворов в каменной кладке

V.N. Derkach
Normal cohesive strength of cement mortar in the masonry (rus)

The aim of this work was development of methods for testing the masonry with thin mortar joints and data on normal cohesive strength in such masonry. The results of experimental researches of normal cohesive strength in cement mortar with solid and cavity bricks, porous bricks, silicate bricks and cell-concrete blocks are presented.
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Проблемы высолообразования наружных стен зданий на основе вибропрессованных бетонных блоков и способы защиты стен от высолов

V.V. Babkov, E.A. Gafurova, O.A. Rezvov, A.V. Mokhov
The problems of the occurrence of efflorescence on the surface of buildings’ exterior walls made of vibropressed concrete blocks and the methods of blocking these processes (rus)

The chemical and mineralogical composition of efflorescences were investigated using the electron-scan microscope and diffractometer. The mechanism of the efflorescence occurrence was disclosed. The suitability of hydrophobization as a purifying method of the above mentioned walls from efflorescences was analyzed.
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V.T. Erofeev, A.D. Bogatov, S.N. Bogatova, S.V. Kaznacheev, V.F. Smirnov
Influence of the operational environment on biological firmness of building composites (rus)

Having compared the quantity of kinds and types of the fungi developing on the samples of binders, it is possible to evaluate the efficiency of application of those or other building composites and to choose the most suitable materials for corresponding service conditions. It was experimentally shown that composites on a basis of alkaline glass binding agents possess the raised stability in the biologically corrosive environment.
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Конечно-элементное моделирование процессов разрушения и оценка ресурса элементов автодорожного моста с учётом коррозионных повреждений

A.V. Benin, A.S. Semenov, S.G. Semenov, B.E. Melnikov
Finite element modeling of fracture processes and estimation of durability of the road bridge with account of corrosion damages (rus)

The direct finite element modeling of deformation and fracture processes in the concrete matrix of the road bridge under the operating loads and the reinforcement corrosion has been performed with account of damage accumulation in concrete. The obtained results of nonlinear boundary value problems in three-dimensional formulation for a representative volume of the lateral part of the bridge show an agreement with the failure character observed in reality.
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Комплексная оценка теплозащиты ограждающих конструкций оболочки здания

S.V. Kornienko
The complex assessment of a thermal performance of the building envelope (rus)

For the purpose of establishment of the reason of low level of a thermal performance numerical modeling of the heat and moisture transport in an external wall according to the computer program developed by the author, by two options — on the basis of the actual and design data was executed. It was shown that results of numerical modeling on the basis of actual data will well be coordinated with natural data that confirms reliability of the results received on the computer program.
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Сдвиговые испытания связных грунтов при различных траекториях нагружения

I.S. Bondar
Shift tests of cohesive soils under the various loading trajectories (rus)

The estimation of shear strength of clay soils by tests in conditions of simple shift by static, dynamic and cyclic loads was considered. The diagrams of limiting state confirming the influence of low-frequency vibration on strength characteristics of cohesive soils were obtained.
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Динамический мониторинг строительных конструкций на примере пандуса киноконцертного зала «Пушкинский» в г. Москва

S.N. Savin
Dynamic monitoring of building structures on the example of the concert hall "Pushkinskiy" ramp in Moscow (rus)

The article presents the results of dynamic tests of building structures of the ramp cinema-concert hall «Pushkin» in Moscow. Modes shapes are presented in the graphs for the relevant natural frequencies. The natural-vibration frequencies were compared with previously obtained values and analyzed.
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Активный мониторинг несущей конструкции храма «Во имя святой животворящей троицы», г. Балаково

A.A. Zemlyanskiy, V.A. Aridov, O.S. Vertynskiy
Active monitoring of bearing structure of St. Trinity Church in Balakovo (rus)

The aim of this work is testing this monitoring system in natural conditions and determining convergence of deflected mode values received by system and theoretically calculated. The results of complex examination of St. Trinity Church (the city of Balakovo) are presented in the given work.
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Оценка технического состояния эксплуатируемых строительных конструкций зданий и сооружений

A.A. Smorchkov, S.A. Kereb, D.A. Orlov, K.O. Baranovskiy
Testing the technical condition of maintained building structures (rus)

A new approach to the evaluation of technical condition of building structures. Besides comparing the strength and deformation parameters it was proposed additional criteria: the probability of failure and reliability index.
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Оценка надёжности эксплуатации зданий и сооружений по методикам возникновения риска их неработоспособных состояний

Sh.Sh. Iskhakov, F.E. Kovalev, V.M. Vaskevich, V. Yu. Ryzhikov
Estimating reliability of buildings and structures according to the methods of the risk of unserviceability (rus)

This paper analyzes the main problems of estimating the reliability of buildings and structures. Using the integral method of diagnosing the state of dynamically loaded buildings based on the search for diagnostic features to reduce the carrying capacity of structures and foundation soil in the transfer function of the object from a known model of “black box” is suggested.
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G.I. Abdullaev
Rational construction method for linearly extended structures based on alterative options (rus)

The proposed use of alternative networks allows receiving sufficient reservation and structural redundancy to significantly increase the organizational and technological reliability while improving economic performance.
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