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О работе анкеров в многослойных ограждающих конструкциях с наружным кирпичным слоем

R.B. Orlovich, N.M. Rubtsov, S.S. Zimin
Towards the anchors behavior in multilayer building envelope with face brick layer (rus)

Purpose of the study was to assess the state of the question, to analyze existing design solutions used in the construction in Russian Federation and also to conduct a series of laboratory tests to determine their bearing capacity of the main anchor ties currently used. Two series of experimental studies of bearing capacity and deformability of anchors are presented.
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О методике определения коррозионного износа стальных конструкций

S.D. Fedotov, A.V. Ulybin, N.N. Shabrov
The methodology of determining the corrosion of steel structures (rus)

The results of applying ultrasonic method to determine the remaining profile of the structure are described. The main advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic thickness meters  comparing to mechanical devices are given. The algorithm for determining the corrosive wear is developed. An example of its application on a real object is shown.
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Внешнее армирование изгибаемых фибробетонных изделий углеволокном

S.V. Klyuyev, Yu.V. Guryanov
External reinforcing of fiber concrete constructions by carbon fiber tapes (rus)

Experimental studies on strengthening and restoration of the constructions were held. Flexible fiber concrete constructions based on man-made sand filler were used in the experiment. Corrugated steel fiber was used as the internal reinforcement. Composite based on carbon fiber was used as the external reinforcement. 
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Применение нелинейной деформационной модели для анализа поведения армированных пластин на упругом основании, взаимодействующих с хлоридсодержащей средой. Основные соотношения

I.I. Ovchinnikov, I.G. Ovchinnikov
Application of nonlinear deformation model for the analysis of behavior of reinforced plates on elastic foundation, interacting with chloride-containing environments. The basic relations (rus)

The constructing a deformation model of the reinforced plate interacting with a chloride-containing environments, based on the Vlasov-Leontiev elastic base is considered. A system of resolving equations of the model is given. The article is the first part of the research.
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О расчетах долговечности трубчатых конструкций (англ)

R.V. Guchinsky, S.V. Petinov
Fatigue assessment of tubular structures

An approximate procedure of the long-term stress distribution transformation to the block-type format is developed. It allows reducing the number of equivalent cyclic stress fragments compared to those required by the rules for fatigue design and provides ac-curacy of fatigue analysis of tubular frame structures. Efficiency of the developed approach is illustrated in example of fatigue assessment of the tubular frame bridge structure.
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Расчет надежности оснований фундаментов по критерию прочности при ограниченной информации о нагрузке

V.S. Utkin, E.A. Shepelina
Calculation of reliability of foundation beds according to the strength criterion with limited information about the load (rus)

For solving the problem of pressure of foundation on the ground the new ways for calculating reliability and for the first time truncated distribution for description of random value were used. Calculated reliability of foundation is expressed as an interval of numeric values.
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Оценка устойчивости бетонных сооружений на нескальном основании

V.N. Buhartsev, Vu Manh Huan
Stability assessment of concrete structures on not bedrock foundation (rus)

The proposed methodology is based on the exact analytical formula for the elements of the flat foot of structure of rectangular and triangular forms and subsequent synthesis of these solutions for the construction with foot of any form. For structures with an arbitrary foot shape the linear distribution of normal stresses on the plane of the foot is used.
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Предельная несущая способность ледяных балок

Li Liang, K.N. Shkhinek
The ultimate bearing capacity of ice beams (rus)

The purpose of the study was to estimate influence of the longitudinal compressive stress on the ice beam’s ultimate bearing capacity. The solution was obtained with the program complex LS-DYNA. Results of the mathematical modeling were compared with data of physical experiments conducted by Sodhi.
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О решении контактных задач строительной механики с односторонними связями и трением методом пошагового анализа

A.A. Lukashevich, L.A. Rozin
On the decision of contact problems of structural mechanics with unilateral constraints and friction by step-by-step analysis (rus)

A computational model of contact of elastic systems with using the contact finite elements in form of plane frame or space frame is proposed. The numerical method, based on the discrete model and step-by-step schemes, allows the analysis of contact interaction in problems of structural mechanics and has advantages when the problem decision depends on character and history of the loading facilities.
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Эндохронная теория пластичности, обобщающая теорию Сандерса-Клюшникова

Yu.I. Kadashevich, S.P. Pomytkin
Endochronic theory of plasticity generalizing Sanders-Klyushnikov theory (rus)

The defining relations for stresses and endochronic type deformations generalizing the theory of Sanders-Klyushnikov were proposed. Quasi-statistical equations of the new theory are based on the Novozhilov’s idea about the independence of motion of piecewise-linear plane yield surfaces and the technology of conversion from flow theory to endochronic theory.
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Вариационная постановка плоской задачи геометрически нелинейного деформирования и устойчивости упругих стержней

V.V. Lalin, L.A. Rozin, D.A. Kushova
Variational functionals for two-dimensional equilibrium and stability problems of Cosserat-Timoshenko elastic rods (rus)

Equivalence of the differential and variational formulations of the problem was proved for smooth solutions. The expression for the second variation of the Lagrangian functional was derived. The differential equations for the stability problem were obtained from the second variation of the Lagrangian functional. Two types of equation of plane problems of stability of equilibrium are obtained: variational equations for initial system of differential equations and Euler equations for the second variation of the Lagrangian functional.
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Влияние ширины пояса и параметров стенки на эффективность стального тонкостенного холодногнутого профиля Сигма-образного сечения при работе на изгиб

A.A. Kikot, V.V. Grigoriev
Influence of flange width and wall parameters on effectiveness of cold-formed steel Sigma-profile in bending behavior (rus)

The effectiveness of bending behavior of cold-formed steel profiles is studied.  The purpose of the study was to estimate the influence of section parameters - flange width and size of the wall portion, adjacent to the flange – on effectiveness of the operation of flexural element consisting of two Sigma sections. Calculations were executed by computer program CFSteel.
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Разработка и верификация многоблочных вычислительных технологий для решения нестационарных задач строительной аэродинамики высотных зданий в рамках подхода URANS

S.A. Isaev, N.I. Vatin, P.A. Baranov, A.G. Sudakov, A.Ye. Usachov, V.V. Yegorov
Development and verification of multiblock computational technologies for solution of unsteady problems of high building aerodynamics in the framework of URANS approach (rus)

In this article the genesis of multiblock calculation methodology for modeling wind influence on the high buildings is presented. The methodology of calculation of wind influence on the high-altitude constructions, based on using multibank overlapping grids of various scales is developed. The methodology is verified on the test problem of a flow around a cube with short circuit with the help of model of shear stress transport.
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