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Аналитическая методика определения наружных расчетных параметров в системах микроклимата зданий

A.G. Sotnikov
Analytic method of determination of the external design parameters in the microclimate systems of buildings (rus)

Until recently in many countries the external design parameters are determined quite equally, exactly by arbitrarily given provision (probability of non-exceedance). Analytic dependences, that come from the study, take into account all the complex of characteristics: system, technological, climatological, hygienic, static, dynamic and also probabilistic. In particular it is proved, that rather essential parameter, that generally is not taken in account in computation, is outside air consumption in the compound with recirculated air.
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Исследование регулируемых параметров в автоматизированных климатических системах в целях энергосбережения

O.D. Samarin, I.I. Tishchenkova
Research of adjustable parameters in the automated climatic systems at the aim of energy saving (rus)

In this work processes of non-stationary heat exchange in the room served by automated climatic systems are considered. Modern methods of calculation of a thermal mode of a room are stated. The interrelation between separate parameters of thermal stability of a room and automatic control of microclimate providing systems is investigated. 
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Численный анализ влияния промерзания грунта в зоне прокладки на тепловые потери бесканальных теплопроводов

V.Yu. Polovnikov, V.A. Huzeev
Numerical analysis of the effect of freezing ground in the laying zone pads on heat loss of channelless pipelines laid out without canals (rus)

The laws of heat transfer in the system and the factors influencing the intensification of heat losses are established. It was revealed that the regulatory calculation method of pipelines’ heat losses gives overestimated values. It was found that the heat losses of pipelines subject to ground freezing in the laying zone rise by 1.65–5.04%.
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Интегральные характеристики термогравитационной конвекции в воздушной прослойке навесных вентилируемых фасадов

D.V. Nemova
Integrated characteristics of thermogravitational convection in the air layer of ventilated facades (rus)

Ventilated facades solve at least two topical problems for civil engineering: it allows reducing the humidity (concentration of water vapor) on warmed wall surface and reducing heat losses from facade to the environment. The motivation of a choice of the sizes of the vertical ventilated channel of ventilated facades in the conditions of the free-convective flow is given in the present article and it is based on using results of numerical experiments run on real ventilated designs.
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Гидравлически оптимальная вентилируемая щель

M.R. Petrichenko, M.V. Petrochenko, Ye.B. Yavtushenko
A hydraulically optimum ventilated gap (rus)

The aim of this work was to assess the hydraulically optimum ventilation holes in the hinged facades of the buildings and structures. Thus, it was found that for any ventilated facade there is an optimum distance from the screen to the wall which is defined by the height of a crack, conditions of transfer of heat and resistance to the free-convective flow in the ventilated space.
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A.M. Kalyakin, E.V. Chesnokova
Addition to the method of dimensional analysis in hydraulic problems (rus)

Until now the main obstacle to the application of the method of dimensional analysis in its classic form was a multifactorial problem (with many arguments), the solution of which was rather difficult and sometimes impossible. In order to overcome these difficulties, the authors of this study proposed a simple method – application of the combined option avoiding these difficulties.
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Существуют ли зоны с отрицательной вихревой вязкостью в продольно-однородных турбулентных потоках?

L.I. Vysotskiy
Do the zones with negative eddy viscosity in longitudinally homogeneous turbulent flows exist? (rus)

There were obtained criteria, which make it easy to identify the areas with negative turbulent viscosity using empirical formulas. Application of the proposed criteria to the most noted empirical formulas revealed the record of the estimated area.  
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Задачи и методы численного и физического исследования аэродинамики высотных зданий в прибрежной зоне «море-суша» (англ)

S.A. Isaev, N.I. Vatin, V.A. Lebiga, V.N. Zinoviev, Keh-Chin Chang, Jiun-Jih Miau
Problems and methods of numerical and experimental investigation of high rise constructions’ aerodynamics in the coastal region "sea-land"

Problems and methods of numerical and experimental studies of wind flow in the surface layer in the coastal zone "sea-land" and its impact on the urban area with high-rise constructions in view of a discrete roughness terrain and its topography are discussed. Some environmental conditions associated with the transport and dispersion of contaminants are under consideration.
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Результаты экспериментальных исследований границ смены режимов течения за уступом

A.A. Kaverin
Experimental results on flow rates’ changing limits behind the step spillway (rus)

Results of experimental findings on investigation of flow rates’ changing limits (plane problem) behind the downstream by step spillway, taking into account small Froude numbers, are given. Experiments were carried out on hydraulic model. Dependences are in line with experimental findings.
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О моделировании местного размыва русла за водосбросными плотинами

M.A. Mikhalev
Modeling of channel erosion downstream spillway dams (rus)

The obtained criterion equation connects the maximum depth of the local erosion with its determining parameters: length of concrete lining of bed in the down water of the spillway dam; Froude number at the contracted cross section; Archimedes and Reynolds criterions; submergence factor of hydraulic jump.
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Обеспечение качества морской воды в искусственных береговых акваториях

I.G. Kantardgi, V.S. Maderich
Water quality protection in the coastal artificial water areas (rus)

The research objective was the development of forecasting method of the water quality in the harborage and the guidelines on the required water quality supply. The study was carried out for the conditions of the yacht port “Grand-Marina Sochi”, which is being designed for placing in the area of seaport Sochi.
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Применение цеолитов клиноптилолитового типа для очистки природных вод

N.I. Vatin, V.N. Chechevichkin, A.V. Chechevichkin, Ye.S. Shilova
Possible applications of clinoptilolites for natural water purification (rus)

Possible applications of clinoptilolites (CP) in natural water purification processes from various contaminants are evaluated. Sorption properties of CP in various deposits of Russia are studied in relation to heavy metal ions. It is shown that sorption filters with CP allow not only post-treatment of waters from excessive aluminum and zinc, but also additional reduction of odor, color, and ammonium ion content.
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Модель управления работами эксплуатирующей организации по содержанию инженерных систем комплекса недвижимости

T.N. Soldatenko
Model of work management in the operating organization for the maintenance of building systems (rus)

The purpose of the work is to increase the efficiency of decision-making at justification of types of work management for the maintenance of building systems. The goal is reached by using the device of analytical and probabilistic forecasting of trend of building system condition and formation of an expression for average balance in function not only from indicators of a financial stream, but also from level of physical wear of object.
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