Magazine of Civil Engineering, №4(39), 2013
Foundation engineering. Hydraulic construction



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Влияние разломов на напряженно-деформированное состояние горного массива вблизи выработки туннеля

V.N. Bukhartsev, E.N. Volkov
Influence of discontinuities on the rock mass stress-strain state around excavation (rus)

Fractured rock mass model was analyzed. Formula of modulus of elasticity for fractured rock mass at distance from the fault was deduced. Influence of discontinuities on the stress distribution was estimated with using experiment design method.
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Расчет надежности оснований фундаментов по деформациям на стадии эксплуатации

V.S. Utkin, E.A. Shepelina 
Calculation of reliability of foundation bed in the deformations at the operational stage (rus)

There are two ways of calculations of reliability regarding to the real conditions of collecting information on the monitored parameters. The first method features description of the functions of random variables distribution capabilities, and in the second method the random variables (parameters) are described by distribution functions obtained from the Chebyshev’s inequality.
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Пластическое деформирование гранодиоритового щебня и песчано-гравийной смеси при воздействии трехосной циклической нагрузки

A.S. Aleksandrov
Plastic deformation of the granodiorite gravel and sand-gravel mixtures when exposed to cyclic triaxial load (rus)

Using the theory of hereditary creep generalizing models for calculating the plastic deformation of the cyclic loading were obtained. The proposed method of calculating the residual deformations of granular materials by cyclic loading is integrating the power functions describing the increment of plastic strain.
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Применение модифицированных условий пластичности для расчета безопасных давлений на грунты земляного полотна

A.L. Kalinin
Application of modified yield criteria for calculation of safe pressures on the subgrade soil (rus)

The analysis of Mohr–Coulomb plasticity criterion was performed and it was found, that in case of a limiting condition state by this criterion pavement smoothness goes out of the limits regulated by normative documents. On the basis of analysis of Drucker-–Prager yield criterion  there were obtained formulas connecting ultimate strength uniaxial compression and tension with the parameters of Mohr-Coulomb failure envelope.
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V.A. Sokolov, D.A. Strakhov, L.N. Sinyakov
Design of tower type structures to dynamic effects taking into account flexibility of the pile foundation and the base (rus)

The necessity to take into account flexibility of pile foundation in design of such structures as towers for mobile communication or radio equipment especially under dynamic loads (seismic, fluctuating component of wind load and the resonant vortex excitation) has been considered. The specific features of modeling of pile ductility, using program complex SCAD, were discussed and examples of corresponding calculations are given.
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Повышение устойчивости оснований мобильных дамб для инженерной защиты зданий от затопления

D.N. Kasharin, Thai Thi Kim Chi
Increasing stability of flexible dam-foundations in engineering protection of buildings from flooding (rus)

Issue of shape calculation of water-filled membranes is considered, depending on internal pressures and external forces. Stability of water-filled membranes under hydrostatic pressure and uplift forces is analyzed. Explanations and requirements for creating new structures of flexible dams are given; they satisfy requirements for ecological infrastructure and provide reliability in terms of construction on biogenic soils and in crowded urban places.
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Пропускная способность промывного тракта водозаборного сооружения для деривационных ГЭС в зимнем режиме эксплуатации

N.P. Lavrov, A.V. Shipilov, G.I. Loginov
Discharge capacity of sluiceway channel of water intake structure for diversion power plant in winter (rus)

On the basis of the physical modeling results the flow characteristics of sluiceway channel of water intake on the river Issyk-Ata, Kyrgyzstan were determined. Statistical models of discharges of elements of sluiceway channel with their mutual influence were obtained, using the methods of experimental design and data analysis. The influence of the concentration of brash ice on the sluiceway channel and its elements is described.
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Геоинформационные методы поиска перспективных створов для строительства ГЭС

T.S. Ivanov, N.V. Badenko, V.A. Oleshko
Geoinformation methods of identifying locations for prospective HPP (rus)

Traditional way to find location for prospective hydropower plants consists in comparing several variants of location for hydropower development and several marks of normal pond level. Unlike traditional method, developed methodology and GIS-based tools allow analyzing large number of locations and considerably automating calculations.
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Расчет магистральных каналов

M.A. Mikhalev
Calculating the main canals (rus)

The paper considers canals, lined within the wetted perimeter by concrete and by coarse-grained non-cohesive soils, and unlined canals without facing. In the process of calculation all hydraulic parameters of the canal are changing, except for the relative width of the canal along the bottom and  ratio of slope gradient above and below the shore line.
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Оценка динамического поведения системы «сооружение – основание» с учетом волнового уноса энергии

M.M. Mirsaidov, T.Z. Sultanov, D.F. Rumi
An assessment of dynamic behavior of the system "structure – foundation" with account of wave removal of energy (rus)

Dynamic behavior of heterogeneous viscous-elastic system ”dam – foundation” is studied under short-time intensive load subjected to the foundation. Weak dependence of energy dissipation in a system with hereditary viscous-elastic properties of material on the frequency of natural oscillations, as well as dependence of wave removal of energy on principal natural frequencies of system oscillations are revealed.
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