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Building structures. Structural mechanics



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Свойства стеновых конструкций из ячеистобетонных изделий автоклавного твердения на полиуретановом клею

A.S. Gorshkov, N.I. Vatin 
Properties of the wall structures made of autoclaved cellular concrete products on the polyurethane foam adhesive

The article presents information on a test experiment for the construction of masonry fragments made of autoclaved cellular concrete products (ААС blocks) on the polyurethane adhesive and the ensuing structural, thermal and technological tests of this type of masonry in specialized laboratories and testing facilities.
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Совместная работа каменного заполнения и железобетонного монолитного каркаса

V.N. Derkach
Joint action of masonry filling and monolithic reinforced concrete frame

It is shown that ignoring the joint action of stone filling and skeleton can lead to excessive consumption of materials in the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete buildings, to the additional energy costs and higher prices of construction or, conversely, to an unexpected limit state of infilling and frame members.
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Эволюционная оптимизация стальных ферм с учетом узловых соединений стержней

A.V. Alekseytsev
Evolutionary optimization of steel trusses with the nodal joints of rods

This article describes the process of constructing a genetic parametrical-optimization algorithm of trusses with the possibility of account the cost of manufacturing the nodal joints of rods. Accounting nodal joints in the process of parametric design synthesis will allow finding bearing systems with rational cost of their production.
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Расчет сопротивления сжатых элементов легких стальных тонкостенных конструкций закрытого профиля. Часть 1 (англ)

M. Al Ali, M. Tomko, M. Badak
Analysis of the resistance of thin-walled cold-formed compressed steel members with closed cross-sections. Part 1

The paper is divided into two parts. Part 1 presents fundamental information about experimental-theoretical research oriented to determinate the resistance of thin-walled compressed steel members. The investigated members had closed cross-sections made from homogeneous materials.
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Несущая способность сжатых стальных тонкостенных элементов сплошного и перфорированного сечения из холодногнутого С-профиля

T.V. Nazmeeva
Bearing capacity of compressed continuous and perforated thin-walled steel members of C-shaped cold-formed profiles

The main aim of the investigations was to receive a reliable engineering methodology of their calculation. The author developed the testing methodology and designed two test beds С-12 (1200mm/20t) and В-50 (2200mm/50t) to perform the experimental investigation. Numerical solution for stability of thin-walled member made of C-shaped profile was received during the numerical simulation done in PLM Femap 10.1 Nastran.
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Анализ влияния упругих деформаций мачты на позиционирование антенного и радиолокационного оборудования

M.N. Kirsanov, T.M. Andreyevskaya
Analysis of the effect of elastic deformation of the mast on the positioning of antenna and radar equipment

The analytical solution for the forces in the spatial truss rods for an arbitrary number of horizontal contours, and the expression for the deflection under the assumption that the angles of deviation from the vertical of struts are small, are given. The resulting approximate and exact analytical solutions for the deflection under the action of horizontal load allow optimization of the construction.
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M.M. Mirsaidov, T.Z. Sultanov, Sh.A. Sadullaev
An assessment of stress-strain state of earth dams with account of elastic-plastic, moist properties of soil and large strains

Mathematical statement, methods and algorithms of assessment of stress-strain state of earth dams with account of elastic-plastic, moist properties of soil and finite strain, structural heterogeneity of structures under static effects, are presented in the paper. Stress-strain state of three erected structurally heterogeneous earth dams of different heights was studied with account of elastic-plastic, moist properties of soil and large strains in a structure.
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Расчет надежности грунтового основания на стадии эксплуатации при внецентренно нагруженном фундаменте

V.S. Utkin
The reliability calculation of foundations under eccentric load in the operation phase

The new method of the reliability calculation of buildings and structures’ earth foundations based on limited statistical information on controlled parameters in the operation stage is considered. The reliability is calculated by criterion of foundation deformations (settlement) in the presence of load eccentricity of the foundation and using possibility distribution functions for the description of fuzzy variables.
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Влияние строительных швов и трещин на напряженно-деформированное состояние арочно-гравитационной плотины

G.S. Kolosova, V.V. Lalin, A.V. Kolosova
The effect of construction joints and cracks on the stress-strain state of the arch-gravity dam

The aim of the paper was to review the stress-strain state of an arch-gravity dam of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, which has construction and contact joints. The problem is solved by finite element method using software package SOFiSTiK. The finite element model of the "dam – foundation – abutments" is described.
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Математическое моделирование процесса разрушения сцепления арматуры с бетоном. Часть 1. Модели с учетом несплошности соединения

A.V. Benin, A.S. Semenov, S.G. Semenov, B.E. Melnikov
Simulation of degradation of bond between reinforcing bar and concrete. Part 1. Models with account of the discontinuity

The nonlinear finite-element solutions of the problem of pulling the reinforcing bar from the concrete block have been obtained with using various models of bond behavior and concrete cracking. The comparison of obtained numerical results with experimental data has been presented and discussed. The first part of the article is devoted to the models taking into account the discontinuity of the connection, while the second part is concerned with the models without explicitly taking into account of discontinuities.
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V.V. Karpov, A.A. Semenov
Mathematical model of deformation of orthotropic reinforced shells of revolution

The paper presents the mathematical model of deformation of thin orthotropic shells of revolution, based on the model of Timoshenko – Reissner. The model takes into account the design of reinforcement with the shear and torsional stiffness of the ribs, geometric nonlinearity and also the irregular shape of the shell.
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Определение оптимальных параметров демпфирования в системах сейсмоизоляции

N.V. Kovaleva, Yu.L. Rutman, G.V. Davydova
Determination of optimal damping parameters for seismic isolation systems

Optimization criteria for damping parameters of seismic isolation systems within the stochastic problem definition have been stated in the article. Search methods of optimal parameters for various tasks descriptions (target functions) have been developed. Both synthesized accelerograms and real accelerograms of earthquakes have been used as external actions. Both linear and nonlinear damping model including seismic isolation system have been taken into consideration.
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О методах решения большеразмерных задач строительной механики на многоядерных компьютерах

S.Yu. Fialko
About analysis of large problems of structural mechanics on multi-core computers

The efficiency of block substructure multifrontal method BSMFM, PARFES (Parallel Finite Element Solver), proposed iterative method PSICCG (Parallel Sparse Incomplete Cholesky Conjugate Gradient) and conventional ICCG0 method are compared.
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