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Обследование зданий и сооружений: конференция – путь решения всех проблем

Buildings and structures survey: conference as a way of solving problems

On September, 18th, in Saint-Petersburg the scientific and technical conference "Problems of buildings and structures survey and ways of its solutions" took place. The conference was carried out in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University for the fourth time. This year the event became really all-Russian: specialists from around 20 Russian cities took part in it.
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Несоответствие российских и международных стандартов при определении расчетных значений теплопроводности строительных материалов и изделий

A.S. Gorshkov, N.A. Sokolov
Inconsistency in Russian and international standards in the determination of the design values of thermal conductivity of building materials and products

The article presents a comparative analysis of international and Russian regulatory procedures for determining the design thermal conductivity of building materials and products. It was shown that the methods for determination of design thermal values, accepted by international standards, are more appropriate. The authors believe that in order to improve the situation, in determining the design values of the thermal conductivity of building materials, Russian standards should be harmonized with international standards.
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Свойства микрокремнезема из природного диатомита и его применение в производстве вакуумных теплоизоляционных панелей

V.P. Selyaev, V.A.  Neverov, O.G. Mashtaev, A.V. Kolotushkin
Properties of silica fume procured from natural diatomite and its usage in the production of vacuum insulation panels

The article shows the results of the research of silica fume particles procured from diatomite from Atemar deposit by means of separating silicic acid from colloidal dissolved state into the sediment. The objective of the work was to define thermal-physical and structural characteristics of the silica fume.
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Применение отсевов дробления щебня в самоуплотняющихся бетонах

N.M. Morozov, V.I. Avksentiev, I.V. Borovskikh, V.G. Khozin
Use of wastes of rubble crushing in self-compacting concrete

In the course of the research the compounds of self-compacting concrete with the use of waste powder of rubble crushing were obtained.  For such concretes the optimal superplasticizer, featuring additional stabilizing effect that allows obtaining a homogeneous concrete mix, was selected. The results of the study show the relation between cement consumption and viscosity of concrete mix; the dependence of the superplasticizer consumption on the cement type.
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Контроль влажности при обследовании каменных конструкций

A.V. Ulybin, S.A. Startsev, S.V. Zubkov
Humidity control in the inspection of masonry structures

The problems of wetting of masonry structures were considered: its causes, consequences and methods of humidity control. The classification of destructions that occur in the masonry as a result of its moistening was given.  Destruction processes under wetting of different origin were briefly described. The experimentally ascertained impact of humidity on the strength of different kinds of brick was presented.
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Методика оценки ресурса работоспособности конструктивных элементов жилых зданий

O.N. Popova, T.L. Simankina
The service life estimation method for the structural elements of residential buildings

The research task was mathematical modeling of the growing dynamics of gradual failures of structural components of the building during the operation time based on normative data of Russian design code VSN 53-86(r); the calculation and modeling of the repair costs dynamics as a percentage of the estimated cost of construction works in the value of physical deterioration of structures.
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Модель пространственно-временной аналогии в оптимизации последовательности реконструируемых объектов

S.A. Bolotin, A.Kh. Dadar, M.A. Kotovskaya
The model of the space-time analogy in the optimization of the renovation order of buildings

The objective of the research was the problem of optimal priorities of the buildings' renovation or major repairs. For solving this problem the definition of serial importance of project was introduced and the dynamics of this serial importance was reviewed. The model of the space-time analogy based on the category of the aerial perspective and horizon was built. 
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Организационная подготовка автоматизированного производства и монтажа элементов конструкций светопрозрачных фасадов

M.M. Kalyuzhnyuk, A.V. Kalyuzhnyuk
Automated organization production and mounting of glass curtain walls

Authors use methods of technical regulation and scheduling, previously obtained in structural-functional modeling theory, for production and mounting of glass curtain walls. The article shows the application of these standards in determining the time of producing series of glass facade elements for particular building sites, as well as in the synchronized scheduling production and mounting of these structures.
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Эффективность свай различных форм поперечного сечения

G.Ya. Bulatov, N.B. Kolosova
Efficiency of piles of various cross-sectional forms

The work is devoted to the determination of the efficiency of piles of various cross-sectional forms (round, square, cross- shaped, T-shaped and double tee forms). A  number of methods and criteria for quantitative evaluation of the efficiency of piles were proposed. Furthermore, the results of studies of the pile efficiency depending on the driving depth at the above-mentioned forms of cross-sections were given.
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