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Об итогах пятой международной научно-технической конференции

Outcomes of the 5th International Scientific and Technical Forum "Theoretical Foundations of Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation" (rus)

The information of the 5th Forum "Theoretical foundations of HVAC" is presented. The paper states the structure of the conference and the subject of the most important presentations; notes the role of the forum in the development of the HVAC science. 
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Задачи устойчивости для стержней и пластин

I.D. Ievzerov
The Stability Problems for Bars and Plates (rus)

The positive definiteness of the potential energy functional is studied. The transition from the three-dimensional stability problem to the corresponding problems for bars and plates is executed. Concepts of displacements through the section of bar and plate thickness are used for geometrically nonlinear problems.
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Особенности расчета сооружений на взрывные воздействия в среде SCAD

N.A. Chernukha
Structural Analysis of Buildings at Explosive Actions in SCAD (rus)

The article also shows how module «Direct integration of motion equations» in SCAD can be used for solving problems of explosion dynamics. In the empirical part of the study the main concern was to compare stress-strain condition of building structures at explosions, using different methods of structural analysis. The results of the study demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of described methods, as well as the functional abilities of SCAD, when solving the problems of explosion dynamics.
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Математическое моделирование процесса разрушения сцепления арматуры с бетоном. Часть 2. Модели без учета несплошности соединения

A.V. Benin, A.S. Semenov, S.G. Semenov, B.E. Melnikov
The Simulation of Bond Fracture between Reinforcing Bars and concrete. Part 2. Models without taking the Bond Discontinuity into account (rus)

The comparison between the obtained numerical results and experimental data has been presented and discussed. The first part of the article is devoted to the models taking into account the discontinuity of the connection. The second part is concerned with the models without explicitly taking into account discontinuities.
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Прогнозирование долговечности железобетонных конструкций с учетом сульфатной коррозии бетона

V.P. Selyaev, V.A. Neverov, P.V. Selyaev, E.V. Sorokin, O.A. Yudina
Predicting the Durability of Concrete Structures, including Sulfate Corrosion of Concrete (rus)

The article investigates the mechanisms of corrosion processes in reinforced concrete in condition of sulfate corrosion. The paper proposes the calculation model and the method that predict the durability of concrete structures. Experimental studies on the interaction of the concrete samples with aggressive sulfate medium are conducted.  
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Расчет сопротивления сжатых элементов легких стальных тонкостенных конструкций закрытого профиля. Часть 2 (англ.)

M. Al Ali, M. Tomko
The Resistance Calculation of the Thin-Walled Cold-Formed Compressed Steel Members with Closed Cross-sections. Part 2

The theoretical analysis was oriented to determine the resistance of mentioned members according to European and Slovak standards, while the experimental investigation was to verify the theoretical results and to investigate the behavior of the above-mentioned members during the loading process. Part 2 is focused on the numerical analysis of the achieved results, as well as on 3D modeling and simulation of the experimental tests.
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Экспериментальное исследование напряженного состояния некоторых ответственных конструкций крупных гидроэнергетических сооружений

S.N. Eigenson, N.V. Korikhin, A.I. Golovin
Experimental Investigation considering the Stressed State of some Essential Constructions of Large Hydropower Buildings (rus)

The research was carried out by the method of photoelasticity "freezing" of deformations using the ability of epoxide polymers to maintain the constant optical anisotropy, caused with loading of the model, after unloading. The results allowed to specify the stress distribution in significant critical structural sections, to evaluate the reliability of estimates of stress concentrations by the holes in arches, fulfilled by finite-element method.
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Воздействие льда на откосные сооружения

Li Liang, K.N. Shkhinek
Dynamic Interaction between Ice and Inclined Structure (rus)

The numerical investigation of the problem based on the program ANSYS is used in this paper. The following topics are considered: a) what is the difference of maximum ice loads in 3D and 2D solutions; b) how does dynamicity of the ice/structure interaction process influence on the loads; c) how does the ice load depend on the main factors – ice strength, ice thickness and the structural slope angle.
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Оценка динамического поведения неоднородных систем с учетом нелинейно-вязкоупругих свойств грунта

T.Z. Sultanov, D.A. Khodzhaev, M.M. Mirsaidov
The Assessment of Dynamic Behavior of Heterogeneous Systems taking into account Non-linear Viscoelastic Properties of Soil (rus)

The mathematical statement, methods and algorithms to assess the dynamic behavior of earth structures taking into account heterogeneous specific features of a structure, linear, non-linear-elastic, non-linear-viscoelastic properties of soil under different dynamic effects are given. The result of a dynamic calculation is the study of unsteady forced oscillations of a number of earth dams taking into consideration non-linear viscoelastic properties of soil and heterogeneous specific features of a structure.
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Расчет надежности грунтового основания фундамента по несущей способности (сдвигу) на стадии эксплуатации

V.S. Utkin
The Calculation of Foundation Bed Reliability by Bearing Capacity (Shift) during Operation (rus)

New methods of foundation bed reliability calculations by the criterion of the shift when the base is under the influence of horizontal (shifting) forces are made. Initial statistical information is limited. Random variables in the calculation model are described by distribution functions of possibility (from the theory of possibility), distribution functions received from Chebyshev's inequality; combination of functions.
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