Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.3(47), 2014
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Кинетические особенности вспенивания термореактивных полимеров при получении теплоизоляционных материалов в присутствии минерального наполнителя

A.E. Burdonov
Kinetic features of foaming thermosetting polymers in the preparation of thermal insulation materials in the presence of a mineral filler

This article presents the research of dependencies with a filler in the form of fly ash, the mixture temperature and other factors influencing the kinetic characteristics of composite foaming based on the mixture of thermosetting resin (phenol-formaldehyde resins of different brands), fly ash and special modifiers.
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Оценка потребительских характеристик изделий из высоконаполненного полимерно-минерального композиционного материала на основе поливинилхлорида и отходов ТЭС

V.V. Barakhtenko
Estimating consumer product characteristics of highly filled polymer-mineral composite material based on polyvinyl chloride and waste TPP

The article describes the performance properties of highly filled polymer-fly ash mineral composite based on polyvinyl chloride which affect the durability of construction outdoor products. The article presents the results of studies to determine the coefficients of thermal expansion of polymer-based composite mineral, filled with PVC TPP fly ash, to accelerate climatic tests, sample stability to UV radiation.
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Экспериментальное исследование и конечно-элементный анализ упругих и прочностных свойств стекловолоконного композиционного материала (англ.)

E.A. Nekliudova, A.S. Semenov, B.E. Melnikov, S.G. Semenov
Experimental research and finite element analysis of elastic and strength properties of fiberglass composite material

This work is devoted to the research of the strength and elastic properties of the laminated fiberglass composite. Experiments were performed on tension and compression of specimens with different orientation of the reinforcement in relation to the loading direction. The predictions of three different failure criteria (Hill criterion, Tsai-Wu criterion, Zakharov criterion) were compared to experimental results.
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Особенности испытаний и характер разрушения полимеркомпозитной арматуры

A.R. Gizdatullin, V.G. Khozin, A.N. Kuklin, A.M. Khusnutdinov
Specifics of testing and fracture behavior of fibre-reinforced polymer bars

The article contains the results of tensile testing of different types of FRP samples, the character of their destruction, dependence of the strength and elasticity module on the bars diameter. The results are compared with the calculated values of tensile strength of steel reinforcement. Based on these results we arrived at conclusions about the comparability of the design values tensile strength of FRP with high-strength steel grades A -V and A -VI at much greater elasticity module at last.
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Механика разрушения системы «газобетонная кладка – штукатурное покрытие»

V.A. Paruta
Fracture mechanics of system "aerated concrete masonry – plaster covering"

Properties of plaster mortar must be appointed taking into account fracture mechanics of system "aerated concrete masonry – plaster covering", understanding the processes at his hardening and exploitation. Consideration of internal stress in plaster covering and area of its contact with masonry, processes of origin, accumulation and development of cracks at the cyclic and power loadings, is a condition precedent in the construction of theory of fracture mechanics of such system.
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Анализ структурно-фазового состояния моноалюмината кальция

Yu.A. Abzaev, Yu.S. Sarkisov, T.V. Kuznetsova, S.V. Samchenko, A.A. Klopotov, V.D. Klopotov, D.S. Afanasyev
Analysis of structural-phase state of monoaluminate calcium

Calcium aluminates have a decisive influence on the hydraulic activity of cement, in this regard, detailed study of them is an urgent task. The aim of this study is to determine the phase composition and detailed analysis of the structural-phase state of monoaluminate calcium by X-ray analysis. To research monoaluminate calcium powder diffractometer DRON4-07 was used, it has been modified to a digital signal processing. Shooting was performed on the copper radiation (Kα) scheme Bragg – Brentano 0,020 increments and the exposure time at 1 sec, the angular range 6–82°.
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Исследование свойств обычной и упрочненной цементной смеси на основе сульфоалюмината кальция

P. Herrmann
Investigation of fresh and hardened properties of Calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement blends

Calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) is a comparatively new cementitious material that is mainly established in China where it is produced in a large scale. CSA cement is not covered by European standards. However, it provides different beneficial properties such as rapid hardening and high early strength development. Furthermore, the usage of CSA cement can save energy during production process in comparison to established cementitious materials.  
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Возможный ускоренный метод для определения морозостойкости бетона

O.N. Pertseva, S.G. Nilolskiy
Optional reference method to determine frost resistance of concrete

The main purpose of this research is to create the new reference method to determine the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete that is characterized by small labor inputs, high efficiency and a wide scope application. The offered method is based on the measurement of long strength by a nondestructive method. During this research, the theoretical analysis of concrete specimen dependence on freeze-thaw resistance and energy, which is emitted by a specimen during destruction, has been carried out.
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Химический метод оценки степени биодеградации древесины конструктивных элементов

T.A. Serova, J.A. Titova, J.D. Shenin
Chemical method of assessing the degree of biodegradation of wooden structural elements

Wood is an environmentally friendly and lightweight building material that is sensible to the destrustion of various biological agents at non-observance of proper temperature and humidity regime. Wood-destroying white-rot and brown-rot fungi and micromycetes (mold) have a leading position among biodestructors. This organisms use wood as the trophic base changing it’s chemical composition and correspondingly it is mechanical properties. 
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