Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.4(48), 2014
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Расчет грунтовых массивов с учетом дилатансии на основе метода конечных элементов

L.U. Sultanov, D.V. Berezhnoi, A.V. Karamov
FEM-based calculation of soil mass with the impact of dilatancy

There are a lot of papers about dilatancy, it is typical for the majority of highly concentrated dispersed systems. A three-dimensional deformation in the active zone of such systems is contraction and deformation by dilatancy. An increase is called dilatancy, a decrease is called negative dilatancy or contraction. The violation of soil strength due to a shift in one of the ground on the other is the most common fracture in the construction of excavation slopes. In this paper, we use a model similar to the model of a perfectly plastic body.   
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Подбор параметров грунтовых моделей в программном комплексе Plaxis 2D

O.V. Sokolova
The selection of soil models parameters in Plaxis 2D

Finite element method is often used to solve complex geotechnical problems. The application of FEM-based programs demands special attention to setting models parameters and simulating soil behavior. The paper considers the problem of the model selection to describe the behavior of soils when calculating soil settlement in the check task, referring to complicated geotechnical conditions of Saint Petersburg.
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Обследование свайных фундаментов при надстройке зданий

A.V. Ulybin, S.V. Zubkov, S.D. Fedotov, A.Yu. Zakrevsky
Inspection of pile foundation before constructing additional storeys оn existing buildings

The problem of constructing additional storeys on existing buildings is really up-to-date nowadays.  Implementation of the above-mentioned process should be undertaken after the inspection of constructions. Foundation is the construction which takes additional loads. The inspection of constructions, which are located underground, i.e. piles, is a very complicated technical problem.
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Оценка эффективности дренажных и противофильтрационных устройств бетонных плотин на скальном основании (на примере Бурейской ГЭС)

S.V. Solsky, O.I. Novitskaya, S.V. Kubetov
Evaluating the effectiveness of drainage and impervious elements of concrete dams on bedrock (on example of Bureyskaya HPP)

The proposed technique allows estimating the efficiency of individual elements of hydraulic structures that perform similar functions and work together, and determining the impact of their current state on the entire structure performance. The technique was elaborated for a separate evaluation of drainage and impervious elements of bases of concrete dams on bedrock when they work together.
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Оценка перспективности гидроэнергетического строительства в регионах РФ на основе метода анализа иерархий

N.V. Badenko, E.I. Vaksova, T.S. Ivanov, A.A. Lomonosov, O.G. Nikonova, M.V. Petroshenko
Detecting prospective regions in the Russian Federation for hydroelectric development based on analytic hierarchy process

The aim of the article was to describe the method of detecting the prospective regions in the Russian Federation for hydroelectric development. The method is based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). According to the method, every region is estimated by a decision-maker. The authors of the method elaborated 23 criteria, characterizing the electric power generation and consumption, the current economic and sociodemographic conditions of the regions and also their forecasting.
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Натурные измерения волнения при определении нагрузок на морские гидротехнические сооружения

I.G. Kantardgi, K.I. Kuznetsov
Field measurement of waves for defining loads on marine hydraulic structures

In accordance with the current Russian normative documents, determining wave loads and impacts on hydraulic structures should be calibrated by field measurements and laboratory studies. However, it is problematic to satisfy this norm, because there are no measured wave parameters for the main coastal areas. Moreover, the equivalent virtually designed waves cannot be compared directly with the measured real ones. 
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Вибрация сооружений, вызванная действием морского льда

K.N. Shkhinek
Structures vibration induced by ice action

Ice induced vibration of fixed offshore structures has been observed in different seas, for example, Beaufort Sea, Cook Inlet, Gulf of Bothnia, Bohai Gulf, Sea of Okhotsk, Caspian Sea. It can have a significant impact, as it may lead to failure due to structural fatigue (Bohai Gulf) or softening foundations, or cause problems with the serviceability of platforms. The experimental works have been conducted for a long time and give results which can be used only for conditions corresponding to the experiment.
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Вибрация шельфовых сооружений при действии льда

E.A. Salganik, K.N. Shkhinek
Ice induced vibrations of offshore structures

The aim of the article was to analyze the process of the dynamic interaction between ice and offshore structures and find conditions of vibration beginnings. The problems of creating a full-scale finite element model of ice and offshore structure interaction and comparison of the received results of vibration conditions with the field data were solved. Modeling was realized with the finite element analysis software ANSYS.  
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