Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.6(50), 2014
Engineering networks. Hydraulic construction. Soil mechanics



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Экспериментальные исследования воздействия волн типа цунами на грунт у оснований морских гравитационных платформ

N.D. Belyaev, V.V. Lebedev, I.S. Nudner, A.V. Mishina, K.K. Semenov, D.I. Shchemelinin
Experimental study of tsunami-type waves impact on soil at foundations of offshore gravity platforms (rus)

Scouring, caused by waves, currents and races of ship propellers, has been a subject of theoretical investigations, physical modeling in hydraulic laboratories and full-scale experiments in several countries. The results reported on these tests usually recommend formulas and diagrams to determine water velocities that can be used to estimate the risk of scouring and design the required protection measures.    
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Накат волн на проницаемые закрепленные откосы

I.G. Kantardgi, S.L. Kivva, N.V. Shunko
Wave run-up on permeable fixed reveted slopes (rus)

A numerical model of surface wave movement and water filtration in saturated-unsaturated porous medium has been developed. The model can be used to define the parameters of the wave run-up on the slope protected with a permeable fixed layer. The model is applied to determine positions of the free wave surface at the different times, including such parameters as the height of wave run-up and wave run-down on the slope. 
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Применение вариационного метода к оценке устойчивости обводненных грунтовых откосов

V.N. Bukhartsev, H.T. Nguyen
Application of the variation method to assess stability of waterlogged soil masses (rus)

One of the main issues in designing earth structures is to ensure their slope stability. To analyze the stability of soil mass affected by seepage forces a new method has been proposed where all equilibrium conditions and boundary conditions at the ends of the surface profile are satisfied by strain and orientation of areas of shear.
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Эффективный метод взрывного уплотнения оснований гидротехнических сооружений

O.P. Minaev
An effective method of explosive compaction of hydraulic structures foundations (rus)

If an explosive compaction method is used, there are two ways to blast charges in each turn: simultaneous and consecutive. This paper presents the results of theoretical studies, field trials and pilot sealing in production conditions, proving the effectiveness of the method of sequential detonation compared to the simultaneous one with base soils compacting on site.  
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Инженерная кинематическая теория контактного давления грунта в приложении к расчету некоторых типов фундаментов

V.S. Korovkin
Engineering kinematic theory of ground contact pressure as applied to calculation of certain types of foundations (rus)

A brief analysis of the examined groundwater models has shown that since there is a large variety of soil types and their properties it is impossible to create a universal ground model. A variant of the engineering kinematic theory of ground contact pressure as applied to calculation of certain types of foundations has been suggested. To disclose static indetermination of soil behavior under load, interacting with foundations or fencing, its dimensionless diagram of soil deformation was used, presented as a nonlinear function.
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Оптимизированная конструкция навесного вентилируемого фасада

V.A. Emelianova, D.V. Nemova, D.R. Miftakhova
Optimized structure of ventilated facades (rus)

Today, one of the most universal types of lining, in terms of the value for money, is rightly believed to be suspended facade systems. Ventilated facade is characterized by the presence of the vertical air gap. If the system has been installed with violations, unventilated areas appear. Insufficient ventilation leads to decreasing heat-shielding properties of the structure. It has to be clearly understood how the ventilated air gap works and how its width affects the performance of the entire system.
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Особенности состава и очистки поверхностного стока крупных городов

V.N. Chechevichkin, N.I. Vatin
Specifics of surface runoff contents and treatment in large cities (rus)

The degree of surface runoff pollution in large cities has been assessed in modern conditions in the case study of production sites of St. Petersburg. Increased content of petroleum derivatives and heavy metal ions both in rainwater runoff and especially in snowmelt runoff has been revealed. It has been established that the composition of infiltration runoff from the newly built-up sites within the city limits commonly depends on their background, especially in the places of former unauthorized dumps, which are usually buried under the building sites.
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Ограничения нагрузочной способности кабельных линий электропередачи в структуре инженерных сетей промышленных и гражданских объектов (англ.)

V.V. Titkov, S.M. Dudkin, P.D. Tukeev, A.V. Kosorukov 
The capacity limitations of power transmission cable lines in the structure of civil and industry engineering networks

The present study analyses heat modes of high voltage cable lines typical for laying in the area of communications, different obstacles and engineering networks, such as, for instance, hot water supply lines. It is well-known that the load capacity of modern high voltage cable lines with a plastic insulation is limited by the maximum permissible heating temperature of 90 °C. This study focuses on two typical cases of heating mains influence on heat exchange of a power cable line with surrounding ground.
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