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Итоги конференции «Обследование зданий и сооружений: проблемы и пути их решения»

"Inspection of buildings and structures: problems and solutions" – conference resume

On October, 17th, in St-Petersburg Polytechnic University the fifth, anniversary scientific and technical conference "Inspection of buildings and structures: problems and solutions" took place. This year the event became international: there were researchers and experts from Poland, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden, Hungaria in the program commitee and among the participants.    
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Влияние граничных условий на берегах трещины на процесс разрушения поликристаллической пьезокерамики

I.V. Ivashov, A.S. Semenov
Influence of crack face boundary conditions on the fracture of polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramics

Today structural health monitoring is a widely developing field that enables real-time damage detection of engineering structures and elements. Monitoring is carried out using a set of sensors, most of which contain piezoelectric materials. So far the problem of crack resistance and lifetime estimation for polycrystalline piezoelectric materials has not been fully solved.
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Влияние вязкости нефтепродуктов на деформативные свойства бетона

A.P. Svintsov, Yu.V. Nikolenko, M.I. Kharun, A.S. Kazakov
Effect of viscosity of petroleum products on deformation properties of concrete

This paper presents the results of studies of the effect of petroleum products, impregnating in concrete, on its deformation properties. Petroleum products, impregnating in concrete and reinforced concrete structures, have a negative impact on their strength and deformation characteristics. The negative impact of petroleum products on concrete and reinforced concrete is associated with changes in the hydration process of cement, as well as changes in the structure of the concrete.
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О влиянии суперпластификатора на эффективность противоусадочной добавки

Yu.G. Barabanshchikov, A.A. Arkharova, M.V. Ternovskii
On the influence on the efficiency of anti-shrinkage additives superplasticizer

Cement paste shrinkage and influence of the shrink-resistant additive Estrifan Additive RCL on this process were studied, both when the latter one was used independently, and in a combination with the superplasticizer Muraplast FK48, and powdery fillers - fly ash and silica fume Reftinskaya TPP ISU-85. It has been revealed that cement shrinkage in the presence of this additive is reduced regardless of the presence or absence of mineral microfillers.
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Cредняя плотность и пористость высокопрочных легких бетонов

A.S. Inozemtcev
Average density and porosity of high-strength lightweight concrete

The analysis results of high-strength lightweight concrete (HSLWC) structure are presented in this paper. The X-ray tomography, optical microscopy and other methods are used for researching of average density and porosity. It has been revealed that mixtures of HSLWC with density 1300…1500 kg/m3 have a homogeneous structure. The developed concrete has a uniform distribution of the hollow filler and a uniform layer of cement-mineral matrix.
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Жаростойкий бетон на основе феррохромового шлака

M.T. Zuginisov, M.M. Myrzahmetov, D.T. Sartayev, Ye.S. Orynbekov
Heat-resistant ferrochrome slag based concrete

In the construction materials industry, expensive refractories (fire clay, silica, high- aluminous, etc.), are used as the main lining materials which despite their high fire resistance are inefficient for the use in thermal aggregates with an operation temperature up to 1300 °C. The purpose of the research was to develop heat-resistant concrete on the basis of sodium silicate binder and liquid glass with application of ferrochrome slag. Studies on the use of ferrochrome slag to obtain heat-resistant concrete are quite limited.
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Опыт внедрения мелкозернистых бетонов при производстве дорожных плит

N.M. Krasinikova, N.M. Morozov, I.V. Borovskikh, V.G. Khozin
Experience of introduction of fine-grained concrete when producing road plates

In this paper an example of introduction of fine-grained concrete in production of ferroconcrete products is reviewed. The study is important because a high-quality material can be obtained with the use of local raw materials. Advantages of high-strength fine-grained (sandy) concrete are decrease in the mass of structures in bearing elements of buildings due to  the reduced volume of concrete (to 50%).
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Использование модуля деформации в реологической модели уплотнения асфальтобетонной смеси при строительстве дорожных покрытий

N.A. Kondrashov, A.A. Shestopalov
Dynamic modulus application in the asphalt compaction rheological model for pavement construction

This paper studies the existing hot-mix asphalt compaction technology and points out that designation of the appropriate asphalt rollers and working parameters has to be performed in accordance with mechanical characteristics of the layer. A way to avoid defects during the rolling process is proposed based on determination of material properties before starting asphalt compaction. Due to a large variety of used types and compositions of asphalt mixes, determination of their characteristics by practical consideration is impossible.
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Выбор и использование метода уплотнения песчаных оснований и сооружений

O.P. Minaev
The selection and use method of sandy ground compaction

The article presents the research results on the choice of a method and main parameters of the deep vibrating compaction of sandy fill soil in foundations and practical experience data on large-scale testing of their main provisions in the natural environment. The main factor when choosing a method of the deep vibrating compaction of sandy soils is accepted by the author as a value of the dynamic vibration exposure required to achieve a given depth of the foundation compaction.
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Управление и надежность реализации строительных программ

V.Z. Velichkin
Management and reliability of construction programs

The paper proposes a special kind of function of beta probability density distribution of the random variable to estimate probability of execution of the construction program in full and within the given timeframe. This function allows us to consider the impact of the effectiveness of the control system on the probability of the program execution in time.
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Технологичность разновидностей современных разборно-переставных опалубочных систем

O.A. Kapshuk, V.T. Shalennyj
Adaptability to manufacture varieties of modern disassembled formwork systems

With the development of monolithic construction an issue about improving the efficiency of its use appears. One of the ways to increase it is expedient use of formwork systems. The studies have shown problems in the existing regulatory documentation in relation to progressive shuttering. The paper describes methods and results of computational experiments to study the technical and economic indicators of the construction of monolithic frame in disassembled formwork.
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