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Учет изменения жесткостей элементов в процессе монтажа и эксплуатации

A.V. Perelmuter, O.V. Kabantsev
Accounting for the elements stiffness change in the course of erection and operation

The problem statement related to modification of structural design model, when stiffness parameters of the structural members undergo changes, was considered. Some data was outlined from the design practice concerning design cases that occur during erection and maintenance of buildings and structures, when stiffness parameters of some structural members undergo changes.
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Определение остаточной несущей способности железобетонных балок на стадии эксплуатации по критерию прочности арматуры и бетона

V.S. Utkin
Determination of residual load-bearing capacity of concrete beams at the operation stage by the strength reinforcement and concrete criterion

An experimental theoretical method was considered for estimating the residual load-bearing capacity of an individual reinforced concrete beam at the operational stage according to the criteria of the working strength and durability of concrete reinforcement compressed zone of the beam. Integrated methods of beam testing and probabilistic methods of random variables definition were used.
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Экспериментальные исследования работы балок двутаврового сечения при действии изгиба и кручения

A.R. Tusnin, M. Prokic
Experimental research of I-beams under bending and torsion actions

The article presents the results of the theoretical and experimental research of I-beam behavior under combined bending and torsion. The analysis of numerical models was carried out, including calculations in which the physical and geometrical nonlinearity was taken into account. Based on the calculations, the parameters of experimental models and the value of the applied loads were determined.
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Анализ прогиба фермы прямоугольного пространственного покрытия

M.N. Kirsanov
Deflection analysis of rectangular spatial coverage truss

An elastic spatial statically determinate truss of regular type, simulating the rectangular in plan coverage was considered. In the plane of the base the truss has two axes of symmetry. Four support structures (spherical hinge, cylindrical hinge and two vertical rods) are located at its corners. An analytic solution was found for forces in the rods of the truss.  
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Изгиб геометрически нелинейного консольного стержня. Решение по теориям Кирхгофа и Коссера – Тимошенко

V.V. Lalin, M.O. Beliaev
Bending of geometrically nonlinear cantilever beam. Results obtained by Cosserat – Timoshenko and Kirchhoff’s rod theories

The problem of verification of different program suites for structural analysis has recently become an important component of the construction science. One of the most extensively used benchmark problem is a classical geometrically nonlinear problem of deflection of the cantilever beam of linear elastic material, under the action of external vertical concentrated load at the free end.
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Конечноэлементные модели исследования нелинейного деформирования оболочек ступенчато-переменной толщины с отверстиями, каналами и выемками

N.A. Solovei, O.P. Krivenko, O.A. Malygina
Finite element models for the analysis of nonlinear deformation of shells stepwise-variable thickness with holes, channels and cavities

The method of solving static problems of nonlinear deformation, buckling, and postbuckling behavior of thin elastic inhomogeneous shells is based on the geometrically nonlinear equations of the 3D thermoelasticity theory and use of the moment finite-element scheme. A unified model has been created based on the universal spatial finite element with additional variable parameters.
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Расчет призматических оболочек в упругой среде

O.G. Ivanov, S.V. Shlychkov
Сomputation of prismatic shells in elastic medium

The paper presents a computation procedure of physically nonlinear prismatic shells with the sealed ends. It is known that plates reinforced by stiffening ribs and located in the elastic medium can be calculated in a similar way as uniform ones (without reinforcements). In this case the effect of edges on the stress-strained state of plate was calculated in the form of the elastic support by Winklerian model.
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Изгиб ортотропных пластин с учетом бимоментов

M.K. Usarov
Buckling of orthotropic plates with bimoments

The paper is dedicated to improvement of plate theory in order to take into account forces, moments and bimoments, generated by nonlinear law of displacement distribution in plate cross-sections. Integral correlations for defining forces, moments and bimoments were given. The developed bimoment plate theory is described with two independent two-dimensional systems with nine equations in each.
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Метод начальных функций в модели упругого многослойного основания под действием нормальной локальной нагрузки

G.N. Shirunov
Method of initial functions in model of compression linearly deformable layered foundation under normal local load

The three-dimensional problem of the theory of elasticity related to isotropic layer compression by normal load, distributed on a limited area, is solved by the method of initial functions (MIF). The layer divided into separate sub layers with different elastic characteristics serves as a model of the multilayer foundation.
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