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Перспективы металла как строительного материала

Prospects of metal as a construction material (rus)

March, 18-23, in Saint-Petersburg the annual exhibition “Interstroyexpo” took place. For the first time the event was held in new complex “ExpoForum”. On March, 18th, in the limits of the exhibition a conference “Modern practices in using of fabricated metals in residential construction. New potential for fabricated metals industry” took place. The event was organized by Steel Construction Development Association.
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Опыт использования сильвинитовых блоков и панелей в комнатах «живого» воздуха и основные параметры качества формируемой воздушной среды

K.A. Chernyi, G.Z. Fainburg
Experience in usage of sylvinite blocks and panels for “vital rooms” and main parameters of indoor air quality (rus)

The technological boom of the building industry has resulted in a practically unlimited diversity of new materials. Various contaminants often emanate from these building materials in the indoor environment. As a result, the indoor and outdoor air quality becomes more diverged. The known way to keep qualitative, up to curative indoor air is to use of materials from sawn, pressed, melded structures (blocks and plates) from natural sylvinite.
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Оценка эффективности аппарата мокрой очистки обеспыливания выбросов печей обжига керамзита

S.A. Koshkarev, V.N. Azarov
Evaluation of wet dust separator effectiveness in the dedusting of emissions from expanded clay kiln (rus)

This paper describes a way of reducing pollutant dust emissions exhausted in the atmosphere when manufacturing expanded clay by applying high effective wet dust cleaners with a combined scheme of dust separation from the gas flow within dust aspiration systems. Brief description of technological processes and devices and related major sources of emissions and discharges of pollutants into the atmosphere in the expanded clay’s producing is provided.
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Моделирование набора прочности бетона в программе ELCUT при прогреве монолитных конструкций проводом

M.O. Dudin, N.I. Vatin, Yu.G. Barabanshchikov
Modeling a set of concrete strength in the program ELCUT at warming of monolithic structures by wire (rus)

Monolithic construction in winter faces problems of developing concrete strength at the negative ambient temperature. In order to provide the required temperature conditions for concrete curing and hardening builders use different methods to warm structures. One way is to use heating wire. The relevance of the paper is due to the climatic conditions of construction in most parts of Russia and the lack of a uniform methodology for calculating the required output of warm by heating wire. 
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Теплофизические характеристики автоклавных ячеистых бетонов низких плотностей и их влияние на долговечность наружных стен зданий

A.B. Krutilin, Y.A. Rykhlionak, V.V. Liashkevich
Thermophysical characteristics of low density autoclaved aerated concrete and their influence on durability of exterior walls of buildings (rus)

The paper presents the results of experimental studies of thermophysical characteristics of autoclaved aerated concrete with density of 400 and 500 kg/m3. The dependence of thermal conductivity on temperature and humidity was determined. The boundary humidities were set for which ice is either not formed or its amount is negligible in the pores of the materials at the temperature below zero.  
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Раннее структурообразование пенобетонной смеси с модифицирующей добавкой

A.B. Steshenko, A.I. Kudyakov
Early structure formation of foam concrete mix containing modifying admixture (rus)

Cement based foam concrete of natural aging experiences high shrinkage of foam concrete mix in the formwork and shrinkage strain when drying. When managing the microstructure of the composite, namely the change (acceleration) of the microstructure formation and reinforcement of the cement stone, significant decrease can be achieved in the values of shrinkage strain.
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Влияние механохимической активации вяжущего на свойства мелкозернистого бетона

R.A. Ibragimov, S.I. Pimenov, V.S. Izotov
Effect of mechanochemical activation of binder on properties of fine-grained concrete (rus)

This paper presents the effect of mechanochemical activation of on the physico-mechanical properties of fine-grained concrete. The optimal time of mechanical activation of cement slurry was defined, at which the maximum increase in the compressive strength of fine-grained concrete was achieved. The quantity of Portland cement activated by its total weight in the composition slurries was experimentally established.
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Моделирование изменения модуля упругости асфальтобетона при нагружении

A.M. Kirillov, M.A. Zavialov
Modeling of change in asphalt concrete dynamic modulus (rus)

Historically, since the 1930s, deformation and power criteria were defined by methods of calculation of non-rigid road clothes (the deformation modulus, the California bearing ratio, the dynamic modulus). For almost a centenary history considerable statistical changes of the specified indicators in road layers were collected. However, the physical essence of these changes and their regularity still remain unknown.
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Испытание на изгиб деревянных составных балок, соединенных металлическими зубчатыми пластинами, разрушающей нагрузкой

A.V. Karelskiy, T.P. Zhuravleva, B.V. Labudin
Load-to-failure bending test of wood composite beams connected by gang nail (rus)

The results of a bending test of wood composite beams connected by gang nail are presented in this paper. Two types of wood composite beams fracture were observed: brittle and ductile. In addition, a numerical model of wood composite beams was produced and the results of the numerical investigations were analyzed. Compliance of connection «gang nail – wood» was considered by means of input elements with a reduced modulus of elasticity in the numerical model.
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Экспериментальное обоснование способа повышения комплексной технологичности стальной стержневой конструкции

A.N. Ulshin
Experimental justification of a way to increase complex technological effectiveness of steel rod structure (rus)

The author analyses modern technologies and equipment used for producing and installing metalwork and also some types of structures. Therefore, additional reserves of increase in technological effectiveness were due to the selection of the optimal geometrical form, improvement of separate parts of the structure, values of separate design data for certain manufacturing technology.
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Грунтопрокалывающая установка статического действия с кольцевыми расширителями горизонтальных скважин

V.A. Penchuk, V.K. Rudnev, N.V. Saenko, V.N. Suponev, V.I. Oleksyn, S.P. Balesniy, S.M. Vivchar
Soil thrust boring plant of static action with ring spacers of horizontal wells

The combined method of horizontal wells development by a soil thrust boring plant of static action with cutting rings has been proposed. The ratio between the diameters of the cutting ring and horizontal well has been determined. The regression equation was received to determine a minimum depth of a horizontal well laying depending on the diameter of the bore hole and soil porosity.
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