Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.3(55), 2015
Foundation engineering. Hydraulic construction



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Дискретная модель свайного фундамента

M.N. Kirsanov
Discrete model of the pile foundation

The solid pile foundation is modeled by elastic vertical bars distributed over the area of the base in a uniform grid. It was assumed that the body of the structure is rigid, its weight is offset from the geometric center. The solution of statically indeterminate systems was obtained by the force method with the help of the Maxwell-Mohr formula. 
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Конструкция фундаментной плиты с регулируемыми усилиями

S.V. Ikonin, A.V. Sukhoterin
Design of the foundation slab with controlled forces

Solid slab foundations, now widely used in foundation engineering, have one significant drawback- the cost of steel used for their reinforcement. The authors proposed a design for the foundation slab with controlled forces. The solution differs from traditional ones as it implies adding hinged nodes into the body of the slab, which provides an almost universal decrease in the bending moments in the foundation.
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Деформационный мониторинг фундаментов зданий методом гидростатического нивелирования

V.V. Yepin, R.V. Tsvetkov, I.N. Shardakov
Deformation monitoring of building foundations by hydrostatic leveling

When arranging a deformation monitoring system for a building, it is important to control the deformation state of its foundations. Various methods to control the deformation state of a building foundation include the method of hydrostatic leveling, which has a number of advantages. The article shows that this method, though underused now, is best applied to monitor differential foundation settlements on a continuous basis.
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Mетод промораживания грунта естественным холодом

S.A. Guly
The study of the ground freezing method using natural cold to protect the foundation pit from groundwater inflow

When the bottom of the foundation pit is below the groundwater level, groundwater drawdown is required; as a rule, it is extremely expensive. In order to reduce water drawdown costs in areas with consistently low air temperatures we suggest to excavate foundation pits in wintertime. As with hydraulic engineering constructions erected in the Far North, natural ground freezing allows for creating the waterproof ice wall that prevents the foundation pit from being flooded.
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Контактное обезжелезивание подземных вод в системах сельскохозяйственного водоснабжения

O.Y. Pobereznichenko
Contact elimination of iron from groundwater in agricultural water supply

The authors constructed an experimental setup for contact elimination of iron from groundwater  with a bioreactor and a polystyrene foam filter at an agricultural enterprise to ensure a regulatory content of iron in potable water. A method to calculate structural and technological parameters for filters to ensure minimum capital and operating costs under the regulatory quality indicators for purified water was developed.
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Обобщенная модель обтекания препятствия открытым турбулентным потоком

A.M. Kalyakin, E.V. Chesnokova
Generalized model of free turbulent flows around obstacles

The article summarizes the results and discusses the application of the method of dimensional analysis to the problem of a real fluid flow past a circular cylinder. It presents the models which take into account the basic laws of kinematics and dynamics of the free fluid flow on the front of the streamlined cylinder, which can be useful both for the qualitative analysis of the phenomenon and for obtaining quantitative estimates.
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Воздействие морских волн на судно, ошвартованное

K.K. Semenov, V.A. Leontiev, I.S. Nudner
Sea wave impact on a ship moored at the berth with a stilling pool

When designing berths and ship mooring systems near berths, it is necessary to protect ships from dangerous displacements. To make a well-reasoned choice, it is necessary to make estimates of the characteristics of sea wave impact on the ship (with respect to the steady-wave mode in the waters).
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Волнозащитные наброски в корневых частях портовых молов

K.N. Makarov, A.G. Chebotarev
Breakwater placement at the root of a seawall

The laboratory simulation established that the oblique wave approach and the absence of a beach expose the breakwaters made of shaped blocks at the root of seawalls to significant wave impacts, which results in their loss of stability. The mass of blocks required to maintain the stability of the structures is significantly greater than the one calculated in regulatory documents.
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Выбор мероприятий по защите от размыва оснований гравитационных платформ для освоения шельфа

N.D. Belyaev, V.V. Lebedev, I.S. Nudner, K.K. Semenov, D.I. Shchemelinin
Selection of protective measures against scouring at the foundations of offshore gravity platforms

One of the main problems in offshore engineering is associated with scour protection at marine structures. Operation of gravity platforms may be unsafe if the soil is washed out from under their foundations due to the effect of waves and currents. The structures may lose stability and collapse.
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