Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.4(56), 2015
Strength of materials. Structural mechanics



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Модификация литой бетонной смеси воздухововлекающей добавкой

N.I. Vatin, Yu.G. Barabanshchikov, M.V. Komarinskiy, S.I. Smirnov
Modification of the cast concrete mixture by air-entraining agents

The paper investigates the combined effect of superplasticizer based on the naphthalene lignosulfonate and the air-entraining surfactant agent on the fluidity, connectivity and air entrainment of concrete. The air-entraining surfactant agent contributes significantly into air entrainment and reduces the water gain and the mortar separation. It was found that under the introduction of air-entraining surfactant agents in the concrete mixture which contains the superplasticizer, the concrete mobility decreases even though the air-entraining agent is a plasticizer itself.
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Влияние структура на вязкоупругие свойства

I.I. Loginova, D.A. Artamonova, O.N. Stolyarov, B.E. Melnikov
Effects of structure type on viscoelastic properties of geosynthetics

This work presents a study on tensile properties of geosynthetic materials. There were investigated six samples of geofabrics and geogrids with different structures including woven geotextile fabrics, nonwoven geotextile fabrics, warp-knitted geogrids and extruded geogrid. The study determined tensile properties of geosynthetics including tensile strength, strain at the maximum load and tensile load at a specified strain.
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Расчет конечной осадки глинистых оснований, армированных вертикальными элементами

A.O. Popov
Settlement calculation of clay bed reinforced with vertical elements

A distinctive feature of the reinforced pile foundation is that there is no direct contact between the foundation (pile cap) and pile, and the load on the reinforced base is transmitted through the soil. This seemingly minor difference from the pile foundation makes a radical change in the stress-strain state, and hence in the carrying capacity and settlement.
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Оценка монтажных усилий в металлическом покрытии с учетом сборки

A.B. Bondarev, A. Yugov
Evaluation of installation efforts in metal coatings, allowing for assembly process

This article gives an account and analysis of the accuracy of assembly variations in the parameters of the stress-strain state - according to values of assembly (initial) efforts. Deviations are determined by the position of nodes and rods in space relative to their design values. The article considers two technological schemes of the dome cover assembly - from the edge to the center and from the center to the edge.
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Математическая модель балочной фермы с элементами упрочнения

M.N. Kirsanov
Mathematical model of the truss with hardening elements

In the system of computer mathematics Maple the analytic expression for the deflection of the truss with the added belt stiffness was obtained by the method of induction. There was selected a flat beam model of a truss with uniform vertical loads along the lower belt. Stiffness of the rods was accepted equal. Hardening elements represent horizontal rods and the rack which form the additional belt at the bottom of the truss. Forces in the rods were determined in an analytical form by the method of cutting nodes.
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Определение остаточной несущей способности железобетонных балок по критерию жесткости (прогиба)

V.S. Utkin, S.A. Solovyov
Calculation of the residual bearing capacity of reinforced concrete beams by the rigidity (deflection) criterion

The article proposes the method of calculating the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete beams at the operational stage by the rigidity (deflection) criterion. The methods, which were used in the article, are integral test and probabilistic methods for describing random variables. The author offers a new technique of calculating a deflection limit by a criterion of residual deformations.
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Вариационные постановки нелинейных задач с независимыми вращательными степенями свободы

V.V. Lalin, E.V. Zdanchuk, D.A. Kushova, L.A. Rozin
Variational formulations for non-linear problems with independent rotational degrees of freedom

We consider the geometrically and physically nonlinear theory of elastic rods (Cosserat – Timoshenko rods) and the elastic Cosserat medium. These theories consider independent translational and rotational degrees of freedom. Systems of differential equations for these theories are well known. In this paper we obtain the variational formulation of static problems for these theories.
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