Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.6(58), 2015
HVAC systems. Water supply and sewerage systems



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Конференция «Обследование зданий и сооружений: проблемы и пути их решения»

The conference “Inspection of buildings and structures: problems and solutions”

The article briefly covers the main reports given on the conference “Inspection of buildings and structures: problems and solutions” that took place in Saint-Petersburg on October,
15th–16th. The conference covered the big range of subjects: the experience in inspection of various structures, from large-span sports structures to historical buildings.
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Вентильная головка к водоразборной арматуре с высокой регулирующей способностью

A.P. Svintsov, M.I. Kharun, S.A. Mukarzel
Valve head for water fittings with high regulatory capacity

Water fittings are a necessary element of equipment for building plumbing systems. One of the main technical characteristics of water fittings is their regulatory capacity. Currently, valve heads with flat ceramic locking elements are widely used in plumbing systems. Ceramic locking elements work with a high abrasion resistant and without water leaks. Regulatory capacity of flat locking elements depends on orifice shape.
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Воздухоприемное отверстие приточной камеры и предотвращение поступления в вентиляционную систему вредных примесей

N.A. Litvinova
The air supply hole of the inlet chamber and preventing the inflow of harmful impurities into the ventilation system

The article discusses the dependences of carbon monoxide (II) concentrations on the height of the building façade based on the results of in situ tests with the goal of preventing the inflow of pollutants into the ventilation system. Carbon oxide (II) may enter the premises when the inlet ventilation system is working through the inlet chamber from external sources of emission, i.e. vehicles and low and medium-power boilers in the urban environment.
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Поливалентная система теплообеспечения пассивного дома на основе возобновляемых источников энергии

B.I. Basok, I.K. Bozhko, A.N. Nedbaylo, O.N. Lysenko
A polyvalent heating system for a passive house based on renewable energy sources

The article describes the concept of creating a polyvalent heating system for a passive house situated on the premises of the Institute of Technical Thermal Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. A brief analysis of common heating systems used in the residential sector, and public and industrial buildings is conducted. The authors describe the main stages of developing the principal hydraulic circuit of a polyvalent heating system for a passive house from renewable energy sources.
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Оценка зонального распределения метана на полигонах ТБО северных регионов для его использования местной энергетикой

A.N. Chusov, V.I. Maslikov, D.V. Molodtsov, V.V. Zhazhkov, O.A. Riabuokhin
Assessment of zonal distribution of methane on MSW landfills in northern regions for its usage in local power engineering

Municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills located in regions of Russia with low temperatures and relatively low rainfall averages are considered unpromising in terms of their biogas potential; however, these claims have not been substantiated. Assessment of the biogas potential of such landfills requires special field research for analyzing biogas composition and emission speed, which could define the processes taking place inside a landfill.
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