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Совершенствование расчета дорожных конструкций по сопротивлению сдвигу. Часть 1. Учет деформаций в условии пластичности Кулона – Мора

A.S. Aleksandrov, A.L. Kalinin
Improvement of shear strength design of a road structure. Part 1. Deformations in the Mohr – Coulomb plasticity condition (rus)

The article presents the Mohr – Coulomb plasticity condition modified by incorporating a third parameter depending on sample axial deformation value for which sliding planes are formed and developed under triaxial compression. A relative characteristic of a sample’s work under shear strength is offered; it is determined by the ratio of the axial strain 1 to the ultimate strain 1с for which the parameters of the Mohr – Coulomb failure envelope are defined.
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Основные аспекты ценностно-ориентированного управления инвестиционно-строительными жилищными проектами

I. Azarova
The main aspects of the value-oriented management of investment and construction housing projects (rus)

The urgency of the problem of providing people in CIS countries with quality, affordable housing with minimal risk of implementation of housing projects is obvious. To solve this problem, the authors proposed to review the principles of managing investment and construction housing projects based on project management tools, stakeholder theory and evolutionary theory of values. It is necessary to shift the focus from maximizing profits of construction companies to increasing the satisfaction with the significant social housing projects for all of their stakeholders.
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Факторы, влияющие на разрушение бетона дорожных плит

N.M. Morozov, N.M. Krasinikova, I.V. Borovskikh
Factors affecting the deterioration of concrete pavement slabs (rus)

The behavior of constructions under actual operating conditions is affected by exposure to the environment. It is important that concrete roads and airport pavings are resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to the effects of alternate freezing and thawing. The causes of early failure in concrete have been shown using prefabricated road slabs as an example. The causes of loss of performance properties of the roadway have been established, which are primarily dependent on the quality of raw materials in the concrete.
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Напряженно-деформированное состояние дорожных плит в процессе производства и эксплуатации в условиях Западной Сибири

V.V. Babkov, R.A. Yumagulov, R.S. Kildibaev
Stress and strain state of road slabs during production and use in the Western Siberia conditions (rus)

Precast concrete road slabs are used for auto-road construction in the severe hydrogeologic and climatic conditions of Western Siberia. The advantages of precast concrete road pavements have been proved by more than half a century of use, which is confirmed by the current steady demand for this type of product. The problem of developing the precast concrete road system in the Western Siberian and the Far North regions is therefore still a critical task. 
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Структура и свойства текстильно-армированного бетона

A.A. Volkova, A.V. Paykov, O.N. Stolyarov, S.G. Semenov, B.E. Melnikov
Structure and properties of textile reinforced concrete (rus)

In this paper the structure and properties of textile-reinforced concrete were investigated. Two types of high strength reinforcing fabrics made of glass and carbon rovings were used in this study. The samples of textile-reinforced concrete were produced. The mechanical properties of the developed samples were determined via a three-point bending test. The maximum flexural strength and reinforcement efficiency were calculated.
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Стабилизация торцевой паркетной шашки с использованием эпоксидной смолы

S.S. Glazkov
Stabilizing parquet blocks with epoxy resin (rus)

While parquet blocks and panels from stabilized wood show much promise as finishing materials, their widespread use is limited by their low dimensional stability in variable-humidity environments. Existing solutions to stabilize the blocks have several disadvantages, including hard-to-find or toxic stabilizers. This is why this study discusses modifications of epoxy resin which has sufficient functionality for effective structuring.
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Влияние добавок глинитов в портландцемент на прочность при сжатии цементного камня

A.R. Gaifullin, R.Z. Rakhimov, N.R. Rakhimova
The influence of clay additives in Portland cement on the compressive strength of the cement stone (rus)

The introduction of mineral additives to binders, especially to Portland cement, is one of the promising trends for solving the resource and energy saving problems, as well as problems of environmental protection during production and application. Expanding the supplementary cementitious materials resource base can be achieved through the use of natural pozzolans and thermally activated polymineral clays (commonly known as glinites in Russia).
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Прочность при сжатии бетона с золой лузги проса в качестве частичного заменителя портландцемента (англ.)

S.M. Auta, A.J. Shiwua, T.Y. Tsado
Compressive strength of concrete with millet husk ash (MHA) as a partial replacement for cement

A study of compressive strength of concrete with millet husk ash (MHA) as partial replacement for ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is presented. The strength characteristics was investigated by casting and testing 54 specimen cubes sizing 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm for varied percentage replacements of cement (0 %, 10 % and 20 %)  with water cement ratio of 0.65. These cubes were cured for 7 days, 14 days, 28 days and 35 days to target strength design of 25 N/mm2 at 35 days crushing.
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