Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.1(61), 2016
Building structures. Structural mechanics



Расчет надежности грунтовых оснований фундаментов зданий и сооружений по критерию деформации при ограниченной информации о нагрузках и грунта

V.S. Utkin
Calculation of the reliability of the earth foundations of buildings and structures according to the deformation criteria with limited information on the soils and loads (rus)

GOST R 54257–2010 recommends calculating the reliability of the earth foundations of structures by probabilistic methods with full statistical information about random quantities. Currently, there are no guidelines for calculating the reliabilityof earth foundations by the settlement with limited information about the parameters. The earth foundation (foundation bed) is a part of a mechanical system also including the foundation itself and the above-foundation construction.  
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Оптимизация системы стальной плоской рамы и столбчатых фундаментов

I.N. Serpik, A.V. Alekseytsev
Optimization of flat steel frame and foundation posts system (rus)

The development of effective design solutions for many construction projects requires taking into account the bearing capacity and the cost of manufacturing the superstructure and the foundation as a single system. We suggested an algorithm of complex optimal design of a steel flat frame for the building frame, and foundation posts under its columns on the natural foundation. It is proposed to minimize the cost of materials of basic variable parts of the structure.
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Оптимальная геометрия плоской балочной раскосной фермы с учетом линейной ползучести материала

D.V. Tinkov
The optimum geometry of the flat diagonal truss taking into account the linear creep (rus)

We have found the exact analytical expressions for the optimal geometry and minimum mass of a diagonal truss beam made of a material with properties of linear creep. We have derived simple analytical expressions for the deflection of the optimal weight of the truss. The deflection of the truss was calculated by the Maxwell - Mohr formula. We found solution generalizations for any number of panels by induction.
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Точные формулы для расчета прогиба и усилий в стержнях типовой фермы «Молодечно» с произвольным числом панелей

M.N. Kirsanov
The exact formulas for calculating deflection and forces in the rods of the ’Molodechno’ truss with an arbitrary number of panels (rus)

We have obtained an analytical expression for the deflection and forces in the rods of a flat truss of beam type in the elastic stage. We found that the induction method, which has been tested for a wide class of two-dimensional elastic and regular trusses, does not yield a direct and compact result for trusses with an inclined upper chord. 
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Расчет растянутых элементов из стальных тонкостенных холодногнутых профилей в программе CFSteel

A.A. Kikot
Design of cold-formed tension members using the CFSteel software (rus)

A review of literature in research and calculate of cold-formed steel tension members with bolt attachments is presented. Limit States of such members may be: excessive elongation, a rupture in the weakened cross-section along the member, a rupture in the net cross-section with the holes at connection, bearing, block shear. A CFSteel software for calculation of the strength of tension members was developed.
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Методика расчета точности большепролетных шарнирно-стержневых металлических покрытий

A.B. Bondarev, A. Yugov
Тhe method of calculating the accuracy of large-span metal rod systems (rus)

The article presents a method for calculating the accuracy of large-span metal rod systems and its mathematical model. The method takes into account the connectivity of hinged-rod metal shells, the technology of their construction and the gaps in the bolted joints. The latter are caused by the the center of the hole deviating from its designed position and by the actual shape of the holes for the bolts designing from the nominal form.
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Оптимальное проектирование рам с учетом ограничений по прочности и кратным частотам собственных колебаний

O.A. Sergeyev, V.G. Kiselev, S.A. Sergeyeva
Optimal design of 3d frame structures taking into account the stress and multiple natural frequency constraints (rus)

The problem of determining the optimal cross-sectional parameters and joint positions of linearly elastic space frames with imposed stress and multiple frequency constraints was considered. The frame was assumed to be acted on by different independent load systems, including temperature and self-weight loads. The stress-state analysis includes tension, bending, shear and torsion of beam elements.
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Идентичность повреждения в расчете ресурса конструкций

S.V. Petinov, R.V. Guchinsky, V.G. Sidorenko
Damage identity in fatigue assessment of structures

The modified strain criterion-based method for fatigue assessment of structures is discussed. The damage is estimated based on the specified parameters of the criterion and the damage summation procedure by employing the finite-element method. With a reasonably fine mesh of the finite-element model of the ‘critical location’ structure, the condition of the identity of damage in the material of the test specimen and the structure is provided and, respectively, the effect of uncertainty on the fatigue life assessment of the structure is reduced.  
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