Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.7(67), 2016


T.V. Ivanova, I.U. Albert, B.D. Kaufman, S.G. Shulman
The load-bearing capacity of hanging piles by the strength criterion of a pile or soil material

The article describes various methods of assessment of load-bearing capacity (reliability) of a pile as a main element of pile foundation. It is shown that deterministic, probabilistic and possibilistic methods have a number of advantages and limitations. An actual task is to develop new approaches to assessment of foundations load-bearing capacity.
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T.A. Litvinova
Organo-mineral additives based on oil and gas complex waste to building materials

The use of waste and products of their utilization as secondary raw materials is promising and rational way for their disposal. The addition of waste to mixtures provides either high-quality products or improvement some of the physical and mechanical characteristics. Organo-mineral additives are produced by oil-contaminated waste and spent sorbents utilization meet environmental safety requirements and are suitable for use as an additive in building materials, for example, expanded clay and asphalt mixtures.
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D.A. Avsyukevich
Exergoeconomic model of a central air conditioning system

The article considers the issues of energy saving in central air conditioning systems by means of their operation parameters optimization, based on the exergoeconomic (thermoeconomic) approach. The necessity of joint consideration thermodynamic and economic factors of system operation is identified. Literature review in the field of study is submitted.
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V.N. Alekseenko, O.B. Zhilenko
Seismic stability of the restored architectural monument

The conservation of monument of architecture of XIX century – the Church of St. Archangel Michael in Sevastopol is discussed in the article. The analysis of the results of the survey of the building is developed and recommendations to strengthen the supporting structures of the church are worked out.
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Yu.Ya. Tyukalov
Stress finite element models for determining the frequencies of free oscillations

Development of calculation methods, allowing determining the lower limits frequencies of free oscillations is actual. Such methods, in combination with the decisions by the method of finite element in displacements, will let to assess the accuracy of the frequencies of free oscillations calculated values. The frequencies of free oscillations constant cross section rods with different supports of the ends are calculating by the stress finite element analysis.
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A.D. Pavlenko, V.A. Rybakov, A.V. Pikht, E.S. Mikhailov
Non-uniform torsion of thin-walled open-section multi-span beams

In the article a calculation of the bending moment and bimoment for different occasions single- and multi-span continuous thin-walled channel section beams using B.P.E. Clapeyron and N.L. Kuzmin methods have been made. Article considers the cases of uniformly distributed loading with the eccentricity relative to the center line of the bend sections of one-, two-, three- and five-span beams with with spans 2.5 meters long and 5 meters.
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Yu.B. Kalugin
Universal method for calculation of reliable completion times

Usually the actual duration of construction projects significantly exceeds the scheduled durations.The reason is the lack of realistic scheduling. This paper presents a universal method for computing the reliable completion time for a construction project with network plans that have imprecise durations.
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