Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.2(70), 2017


O.D. Samarin
Temperature in linear elements of enclosing structures

Window slopes are one of the most important linear elements of external wall structures with two-dimensional and even three-dimensional temperature field. Thereby, they cause additional risk of non-compliance of sanitary and hygienic requirements. In the proposed work one of the typical designs of window slopes is considered as the object of study, namely the fastening of the window unit with steel fixings to one of the two major layers of the wall – insulation or constructive.
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E.A. Statsenko, T.A. Musorina, A.F. Ostrovaia, V.Ya. Olshevskiy, A.L. Antuskov
Moisture transport in the ventilated channel with heating by coil

This article considers the moisture transport phenomenon in the vertical ventilated channel. HVF construction parameters are determined influencing the rate of moisture transport. It is necessary to have h ≤ L/25 ≈ 8 cm. The greatest air movement is created in the construction with the open rustications. 
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Yu.Ya. Tyukalov
The functional of additional energy for stability analysis of spatial rod systems

The level of safety of small earth dams, operating without staff and measurement and control equipment, are considered in this study. Approach enabling the possibility to define the finite lifetime (Tf) of a small earth dam here presented. The proposed approach does not require any variables monitoring.
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V.A. Sokolov, D.A. Strachov, L.N. Sinyakov, S.V. Vasiutina
Stress state of protective shells in the area of holes due to prestressed reinforcement curvature

The stress state around the holes in cylindrical part of prestressed concrete protective shells is examined in this paper. This stress state is caused by general shell prestressing having the aim to compensate internal emergency pressure and the curvature of the reinforcement elements near technological holes in cylindrical part of shell.
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M.A. Zavyalov, A.M. Kirillov
Evaluation methods of asphalt pavement service life

A functional relationship of the dynamics of asphalt concrete pavement condition and its thermodynamic and thermophysical functions and parameters (Helmholtz's energy, internal energy, entropy, specific heat, etc.) is described. Based on this functional relationship, novel approaches to the estimation of asphalt pavement lifetime are proposed.
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V.S. Korovkin
Engineering kinematic theory in application to the calculation of pile foundations

The author has proposed a variant of calculation of pile foundation with the use of the engineerin kinematic theory of ground contact pressure. This calculation uses two separate graph connection, the pressure – vertical or horizontal offset. The diagrams are dimensionless, so is not related to the scale of the building.
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V.S. Soldatenko, V.A. Smagin, Y.N. Gusenitsa, V.I. Gera, T.N. Soldatenko
The method of calculation for the period of checking utility systems 

The model and the procedure of optimization of the periods of control and scheduled maintenance in relation to the equipment of technical systems are considered. This approach is implemented on the basis of performance of a condition of a minimum of average losses of target use of the equipment.
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V.V. Terleev, A.O. Nikonorov, I. Togo, Yu.V. Volkova, R.S. Ginevsky, V.A. Lazarev, E.R. Khamzin,
V.V. Garmanov, W. Mirschel, L.I. Akimov
Hysteretic water-retention capacity of sandy soil

Before the construction project, it is necessary to investigate the hydrological conditions of territory. For this purpose some hydrophysical indicators of the soil should be measured. Among the most important indicators is the water-retention capacity. It is convenient to use a physically justified model to research sorption-desorption properties of soil with respect to moisture.
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