Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.3(71), 2017


M.P. Fedorov, E.I. Makarova, T.S. Titova
Recycling of spent battery electrolytes for construction material production

The issue of spent battery electrolytes recycling in the process of construction material production is considered in this article and also the negative impact of such wastes on environment. Modern methods of processing as spent batteries and their electrolytes are analysed. In this article proposed to recycle spent acid battery electrolyte, applying it as additional component of the mixing liquid for phosphate systems, featured by high mechanical properties, heat and acid resistance.
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V.S. Korovkin, K.G. Ragulin, A.D. Kuzina, A.V. Smolenkova, N.S. Orlova
Computation of mooring quay in the form of pile grillage

The calculation of a pile grillage quay, as a frame with rigid anchored legs, using in technical literature and normative documents, is called a method of Gersevanov. The transformation of a manual calculation to a computer calculation almost preserves an existing design diagram.
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S.A. Shakhov, E.V. Rogova
Disaggregation of ultrafine powders in conditions of ultrasonic cavitation

Use of high-dispersive additives as structure modifiers is one of the most effective instruments of cement composites required technical exploitation characteristics increase nowadays. However, use of high-dispersive powders is complicated by the fact that their particles are consolidated into aggregates.
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A.V. Vakhrushkina, A.V. Mishakova, K.D. Borshcheva
Earned value management in project time control

The paper is devoted to earned value management, it describes the basic tools of this method, particular attention is directed to the indicators of the deviation of the time of the project. Also reasons for not using the method in practice are revealed.
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I.V. Susoeva, T.N. Vahnina, A.A. Titunin, J.A. Asatkina
The performance of composites from vegetable raw materials with changes in temperature and humidity

The composite board materials with woodchip fillers and nonprocessable flax and cotton processing waste based on the thermosetting binder matrix can be used as construction material for thermal insulation purposes. Research methods of temperature and humidity change influence on adhesive-bonded board materials’ qualities are reviewed.
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A.V. Bushmanova, N.V. Videnkov, K.V. Semenov, Yu.G. Barabanshchikov, A.V. Dernakova, V.K. Korovina
The thermo-stressed state in massive concrete structures

This article examines the justification for using one-dimensional structural models in the analysis of the thermo-stressed state in massive concrete and reinforced concrete structures during the building period. The paper presents calculation results for the thermo-stressed state in massive foundation slabs with different planform dimension ratios.
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M.N. Kirsanov, N. Zaborskaya
Deformations of the periodic truss with diagonal lattice

A scheme for statically determinate flat lattice-type truss is investigated. The truss has two supports and uniformly loaded at the upper zone. Analytical dependencies of the deflection of the structure and displacement of the movable support from its size, load and number of panels are obtained.
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P.S. Barashkova, L.M. Molodkina, M.D. Korovina
Both sided irradiated track membrane in local water supply

Membrane filtration is one of the main methods for individual and local water supply systems. Track-etched membranes are among the types of membranes that allow to obtain high quality purified water due to their high selectivity. Ensuring the durability of track-etched membranes is one of the topical issues on their use.
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