Magazine of Civil Engineering, No.4(72), 2017


A.V. Smolenkova, V.S. Korovkin, N.S. Orlova, K.G. Ragulin, A.D. Kuzina
Shielded retaining wall in the form of substandard rack-mount frame

The article gives a practical implementation of the engineering method for calculation of different retaining walls types. The main provision of the method is to provide the construction calculation model as a combination of construction elements with the respective conditions of their fixing. The calculation model of shielded retaining wall (covered type of sheet pile wharf) is proposed in the form of substandard rack-mount frame where resilient ground attachment is accepted instead of rack lower anchorage.
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A.V. Mishakova, A.V. Vakhrushkina, D.R. Anishchenko, Y.A. Tatarkina
Program Evaluation and Review Technique as the tool for time control

This article presents one of the best ways to control the building process, which is named Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). Although there were mentioned other variations of the time control methods, such as Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT) and method of the statistic modeling (Monte Carlo), the advantages of PERT and disadvantages of them are presented. 
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V.I. Loganina, I.S. Pyshkina, G.V. Martyashin
Effect of the supplement based on calcium hydrosilicates on the resistance of lime coatings

It was proposed to use synthesized calcium hydrosilicates in lime finishing dry mixes as a modifying supplement. The effect of substances containing amorphous silica, which are used in the synthesis, on the activity of the modifying supplement was established. The effect of the synthesis mode of supplement on the structure formation of lime compositions was illustrated.
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D.S. Tarasova, M.R. Petritchenko
Buildings quasi-stationary thermal behavior

The typical building constructions absorb the temperature wave caused temperature fluctuations of external air. It means this building construction has a thermal stability. Therefore, there is a reserve for warmth accumulation which can be used for decreasing of thermal losses. The developed mathematical model of temperature distribution in an enclosure structure allows estimating the cooling velocity of assorted designs of enclosure structures. 
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D.V. Rachkov, Ya.A. Pronozin, V.M. Chikishev
Qualified method of layer-by-layer summation to define the settlement of foundation

The calculation of setting is the main criterion while designing shallow foundations as the complete setting. Methods of defining deformation in soil body show the calculation value of the final settlement which is several times different from the real. It is stated that the deformability of the ground coat is defined to a great extent by the degree of the horizontal intensity caused by natural pressure and by exterior additional loading.
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N.N. Demidov
Design of steel beams cross three directions with sprengel 

The article presents one of the possible formulations and solutions of the optimization problem of designing the cross-beams of the combined system, reinforced bongs. The basis for efforts as functions of variable parameters was a displacement method.
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A.V. Cherkashin, K.A. Pykhtin, Y.E. Begich, P.A. Sherstobitova, T.S. Koltsova
Mechanical properties of nanocarbon modified cement

This article covers use of nanocarbon modified cement (nCMC) that was made with use of chemical vapor deposition method. The tests were performed with traditional destructive method as well as with the use of special ultrasonic equipment.
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G.P. Vasilyev, V.F. Gornov, P.I. Konstantinov, M.V. Kolesova, I.A. Korneva
Analysis of ground temperature variations on the basis of years-long measurements

The article deals with results of the analysis of years-long measurements of the ground temperatures, for example: Russia, Moscow. Data are given on variations of the ground temperatures in the course of a year, at a 10-days interval, in two plots of land – one under exposed surface, the other under natural cover.
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T.A. Nizina, A.S. Balykov, V.V. Volodin, D.I. Korovkin
Fiber fine-grained concretes with polyfunctional modifying additives

The purpose of the experimental study was to research the efficiency of dispersive reinforcement and modifying of compositions of cement fiber fine-grained concretes with active mineral and chemical additives, and to optimize the developed compositions according to the strength efficiency criteria. Read the article >>>
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