doi: 10.18720/MCE.79.1

Models of direct anchoring of reinforcement in concrete

Y.V. Krasnoshchekov, L.V. Krasotina,
Siberian state automobile and road university, Omsk, Russia

J.L. Pulido-Delgado,
Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí “UASLP”, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

When analyzing methods for calculating the anchoring of non-tension reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, it has been established that there are two types of destruction of concrete in the anchoring zone by shearing or cracking. They are based on the results of research of the strength the adhesion of reinforcement with concrete and testing of specimens with the same type. A new model of anchoring has been created. This model initial moment is the equality of deformations of the elements of equality deformation elements. A new anchoring model was developed. This model is based on the equality of deformations of the elements. For theoretical substantiation were used the ideas of the theory of elasticity about the action of a concentrated force at the point of half-space and the results of computer simulation of the anchoring zone of reinforcement in concrete. Modeling of reinforced concrete samples was carried out using the finite element method.


reinforced concrete; stress-strain state; anchoring of reinforcement; modeling and theory of elasticity

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(Krasnoshchekov Y.V., Krasotina L.V., Pulido-Delgado J.L. Models of direct anchoring of reinforcement in concrete. Magazine of Civil Engineering. 2018. No. 3. Pp. 3–13. doi: 10.18720/MCE.79.1.).

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