doi: 10.18720/MCE.80.2

Mechanical properties of synthetic fibers applied to concrete reinforcement

A.I. Kirsanov, O.N. Stolyarov,
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Short synthetic fibers are increasingly used for reinforcing of cement-based composites along with metallic and inorganic fibers. In this work, the mechanical properties of short polypropylene fibers with different structures were investigated. The main characteristics, including tensile strength, Young’s modulus, strain at maximum load, and work of rupture were determined. In addition, fiber samples were examined for creep at various loading levels up to 50 % of the tensile strength.  Relationship between the creep strain rate and applied stress for the fiber samples was determined. The results obtained can be used for selection the synthetic fibers for the reinforcement of cement-based composites.


fiber reinforcement; polymeric fiber; creep; uni-axial strength; mechanical properties

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(Kirsanov A.I., Stolyarov O.N. Mechanical properties of synthetic fibers applied to concrete reinforcement. Magazine of Civil Engineering. 2018. No. 4. Pp. 15–23. doi: 10.18720/MCE.80.2.).

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