Advertising in "Magazine of Civil Engineering"

Advertising in Magazine og Civil Engineering is proposed simultaniously in both versions of the magazine. Text advertisements appear in the same form both on the web-site and in the printed version. The modular advertisements correspond to the banners on the web-site. 

Text advertisements

The publication of the advertising article, describing detailly the services of the company, used technologies, materials or designs, will help the consumer to familiarize with the activity of your organization. As the Magazine focuses on building, your information will not be gone for nothing, and will be read by the targeted audience - your partners and clients.

Banner advertisements

We offer you address banner advertising: you will choose a placing place on a site. Thus, you should not pay for your advertising being looked through by people, having no relation to it.

Price list for advertising in Magazine of Civil Enginering

Журнал "Бетоны - Сухие смеси"
Form of advertisement in the printed version Form of advertisement in the online version Price
Article (text with illustartions), 1 page Article, pdf, with its title on the home page of website 6000
Module (image), 1 page Banner in the right frame of website (130x160 px) 6000
Module (image), 1/2 page Banner in the right frame of website (130x80 px) 4000
Module on the  inside cover Banner at full width of screen under the headline of  website (570x50 px) 15000

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