Повышенная пластичности нанобетона со стальными волокнами

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

High strength concrete or nano concrete, it is often brittle, so it is necessary to study the solutions to increase the plasticity to obtain the structure to ensure the bearing capacity. The main advantage of steel fibers concrete is that it makes concrete with high flexibility, high tensile and compressive flexural strength, with bending components such as beams, the tensile area makes the concrete easier to form cracks and makes the structure quickly damaged. In this paper used the experimental method in order to determine the mechanical properties of nano concrete such as the tensile bending strength, the splitting tensile strength, for nano concrete samples with steel fibers and without steel fibers. In addition to the study also identified the deformation stress state of the two types of nano concrete and nano concrete with steel fibers. The use of steel fibers in nano concrete in the experiment made nano concrete increase plasticity, increase tensile bending strength, increase the splitting tensile strength and further enhance the advantages of new materials: steel fibers nano concrete materials.