Mechanical properties of slag sand mixture used in road pavements

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

Today the road has become a necessity and an important factor in the economic and social development of nations. Algeria knows the realization of many grandiose road projects that required large quantities of noble materials such as aggregates and crushed sands and which unfortunately are becoming increasingly rare. The inability of Algerian quarries to supply these materials is a reason for the valorization of industrial waste and local materials that are in abundance. Among these materials, we find granulated slag and dune sand. Our study presents valorization of these two materials through a formulation and characterization of slag sand mixture composed of dune sand treated with different percentages of granulated blast furnace slag, which acts as a hydraulic binder. The results obtained show that this treatment improves the cohesion and mechanical properties of sand dune, which allows its use in road engineering, particularly in the pavement layers.