High-strength steel effects on the behavior of special shear walls

Строительная механика

In this research, the effects of applying high-strength steel (HSS) bars as horizontal and vertical bars of the web, and as the flexural and shear bars of the boundary elements on the behavior (load-displacement and maximum moment) of shear walls, were analytically investigated in 45 specimens by finite element analysis (FEA). In addition, the influence of concrete strength along with using HSS bars in the shear walls was studied. The results showed that HSS application as flexural bars of boundary elements improved the performance of shear walls more than other cases of bar locations. However, their shear reinforcement application did not affect their performance significantly. Moreover, HSS usage as the horizontal and vertical bars of the web of the shear walls improved the performance of the specimens. Finally, using higher-strength steel was more effective on the shear performance of shear walls than their moment performance.