High-performance fine-grained nanostructured concrete based on low strength aggregates

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

This paper continues the authors' previous research on developing high-performance concretes based on low-strength aggregates. Unlike the previous work, where a low-strength crushed stone was used, the current research investigates a low-strength fine aggregate-based concrete. With modern construction chemistry in combination with pozzolan and high dispersed ground additives and nanomodification, it is possible to obtain high strength and operational characteristics concretes. The work carried out studies of three cement manufacturers for suitability in high-strength hydrotechnical concrete and phase analysis of the aggregates used in this study. Strength (7, 28, 180 days), density, waterproofness, freeze-thaw resistance of fine-grained concrete based on low-strength and high-strength aggregates were compared in the research. The final result is a concrete recipe with freeze-thaw resistance class F400, Waterproofing class W20 and compressive strength of 60.5 MPa at the age of 28 days (71.9 MPa at 180 days).