Obtaining and using synthetic fluorite for Portland cement clinker production

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

The given paper deals with the issues of natural raw fluorite material replaced by synthetic fluorite. Natural raw fluorite material is used as a mineralizer during clinker production (by means of roasting). The article studies fluorite synthesis from fluorocarbon-containing waste of aluminium production. Moreover, the article focuses on Portland cement clinker application in production. We analysed the studies of the influence of fluorine-containing additives on the efficiency of Portland cement clinker production. The chemical and phase composition of raw material and caustification products were analysed with the help of X-ray fluorescence analysis, X-ray spectroscopy analysis, chemical titration method. Granulometric composition of solid products, obtained by caustification, was studied with the help of laser particle analyser with reverse design of Fourier lenses ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec. Pills were pressed using raw mixtures and roasted in laboratory furnace: the raw mixture was heated up to 1100–1450° C at the rate 10° C/min. The results of the laboratory research are given. The final product contains from 20.7 % up to 60.5 % of synthetic fluorite. Empirical dependencies of optimal liquid-solid ratio were obtained. Our solution of the task is to enlarge particle size of synthetic fluorite and to reduce alkalescence. A brief characteristic of hardware and technological scheme of waste caustification is given. The paper also gives an assessment of mineralizing effect of synthetic fluorite, obtained by fluorocarbon-containing waste from aluminium production caustification. We proved the mineralizing effect of the additive based on synthetic fluorite and carbon to be correct. Samples containing synthetic fluorite are characterized by higher shrinkage and lower content of CaOfree at equal temperatures.