Soundproofing panel with a maximum soundproofing ability

Building Materials

The aim of our development is increasing the sound insulation abilities to maximum possible value. Soundproofing panel with a maximum soundproofing ability, protected by patent to Russia, pertains to technical protection facility against noise spreading by sound insulation that is to anti-noise panel.

The most efficient is using such panels as filler structure for so named reverberated cameras, where it is necessary to provide frequentative reflection of the sound (that means big coefficient of the reflection and small coefficient of the sound transmission through filler structure).

The technical result of the development is full minimization of coefficient of sound transmission through internal cavity, that leads to provision maximum possible soundproofing ability. Besides, expansion of the structured sound is prevented by the special design with the noncontact attachment point.

Anti-noise panel with maximum sound insulation ability today is the most efficient soundproofing facility among such devices.