Magnetic suspension in soundproofing cabins for confidential talks

Ecological safety of construction

This article discusses the idea of providing sound insulation of the room by using a magnetic suspension. It is based on the invention of the Abrakitov V. E.: sound bridge problem is solved by the avoidance of mechanical contact between the panel and the main structure by a magnetic suspension of sound-insulating vacuum panel. The problem is considered on the example of the cabin for private talks.

The implementation of sound insulation from airborne sound is technically uncomplicated task, but there are some problems with the structural component of the sound - the sound energy transfer from box floor to office floor and further through the building structures, sometimes at great distance. Modern methods of eavesdropping can use successfully this way. This paper suggests using a magnetic suspension in soundproof rectangular cabins for confidential talks, which excludes leakage of speech information by more effective isolation of the structural sound. If it is necessary to stop the voice information leakage fundamentally by both air sound and structural sound ways, the authors propose to make a cabin from two steel spherical shells, exhausting all air between the walls and supporting the inner shell by the magnetic suspension in suspended condition. In addition, a spherical cabin is the only effective way of isolation from infrasound.

The proposed soundproof rectangular and spherical cabins for confidential talks should be designed, manufactured and tested by experts in the field of acoustic, magnetic suspension, autonomous air regeneration and providing a vacuum. Only in this case the necessary acoustic, technological and operational characteristics of a new hi-tech product will be provided.