The problems of operational reliability exterior walls of a building based on the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and possibility of their protection from moisture

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The basic mechanisms and factors that have destructive effect on the state of autoclaved aerocrete in the exterior walls of operated buildings are shown. These mechanisms are wetting the wall, the effect of moisture during freezing, carbonation hydrosilicate structure-phase of material. The possibilities of protection exterior walls with using hydrophobic multilayered vapor permeable stucco are estimated, which were accepted for protecting facades apartment buildings on the basis autoclaved aerocrete blocks in Bashkiriya.

In the Republic of Bashkortostan in October 2010 was put into operation factory for production blocks with capaciry 225,000 m3 per year at OAO "GlavBashStroy" on equipment Masa-Henke, whose products are currently being investigated.